Jellytime Has Finally Done It; The Bobble Is Out & This Is Our Verdict

Jellytime Has Finally Done It; The Bobble Is Out & This Is Our Verdict

It’s Jellytime again



When someone introduces a new product to the adult toy market, you have to wonder: What does this have above everything else? After all, we’re not strangers to ads that are meant for ~our eyes~ only, and toys we pray are discreetly packed and delivered. But despite these questions, I have to say I was honestly quite intrigued when Jellytime announced the Bobble.


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The Bobble, P1,199


The Bobble is a vibrator and is Jellytime’s first toy, which follows their release of water-based personal lubricants. It has a bulbous head that vibrates at 10 different frequencies, and the outer layer is made from a soft silicone material. Let’s talk about the subtlety of this design first. Just looking at it proves that it's something that looks quite ordinary. Sure, it’s unlikely that someone has a figurine of this shape just laying around, but it doesn’t scream “I use this in private” either. Love.


Jellytime designed it to be waterproof and USB-chargeable, and it’s being marketed as something “ideal for your first toy.” That’s where I have a bit of an issue—trust me when I say this is not ~exactly~ a toy for the faint of heart.


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The Bobble does indeed have 10 frequencies, which gives you multiple options that range from consistent to pulsating and everything in between. Feel free to choose your favorite and stick with it (or experiment once in a while, because why shouldn’t you?). The thing is, the vibrations are really quite powerful, which is all well and good for that grand finish; but if you prefer something that provides a little more playtime, then this likely isn’t for you. Then again, you could always mix it with other things from your bedside drawer—or fuck it, use The Bobble without the vibration and just play around with what feels good.


The Bobble, P1,199


And before we finish, one other thing: ease of use. There's only one button on The Bobble, which turns it on, turns it off, and brings you from one vibration frequency to the next. It's a little tedious, especially if you're trying to get to the sixth frequency, but it's a small price to pay for the sleekness and simplicity of it.


All in all, I wouldn’t recommend The Bobble for a first-timer, but it is a great option to keep in your arsenal. The options—and experiences—are endless. You just have to get a little creative 😉



Learn more about Jellytime and The Bobble here.



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