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Wonder Treats: Beyond V-Day Dates With Johnnie Walker, Auro Chocolates & Naked Patisserie

What’s good, love month?



Valentine’s Day is through, but let the lovestruck festivities continue! With a couple of potentially date-filled weekends left in the month, know that you have every reason to make those plans a little more ~extra~ (and hey, we know just how to do that).


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Three’s a crowd to be in with Johnnie Walker Highballs

Like I said earlier, VDay falls on a Friday this year. Now this could mean two things: either you and your significant other are going away for the weekend or you have the opportunity to drink in excess (sorry, mom!). Either way, Johnnie Walker’s all ready to be the third party.


If I’m being honest, I don’t like Johnnie Walker on its own, but this is exactly where the highball comes in. Mix up Black Label with some lime juice or Double Black with ginger ale or Gold Label with some apple juice and you’re good to go. Throw in some ice if you fancy and for extra yumminess. 



For the singles like myself, Johnnie Walker doesn’t sound like a bad Netflix and chill date either, huh?


Perfect pairings with Auro Chocolates and Serenitea 

There’s a lot of milk tea lovers out there and while I exclude myself from this list, I can still appreciate a good pairing when I see one. Thankfully, Auro Chocolates and Serenitea worked on something for this season that anyone can enjoy. 


What awaits you at the counter are three options: Cacao Frost (Auro cacao brew with the classic Serenitea frost), Cacao Cookie Supreme (cookie brulee with the flavors of Auro cacao) and Trio Chocolate (chocolate ice cream, auro cacao and crushed cookies). Yes, yes and ~yes~ please. 


Getting naked with Naked Patisserie 

A box of chocolates doesn’t judge you. It doesn’t know whether or not you’re eating the entire thing alone, or sharing it with someone special or sharing it with a group—and don’t we all need a little less judgment in our lives? I do. 


Personally have my eye on the White Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffle because it’s affordable at P700 and I get eight pieces. Bang for buck, I think. If you’re sharing, The Luxe Gift Set comes with the aforementioned chocolate Oreo cheesecake truffles with a choice of Champagne, Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay or Rose or Italian Wine. Priced between P4,415 and P7,500, all I can say is damn



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Say hello to the new Pancake House Rewards Card

Not like we needed another reason to keep coming back to Pancake House, but we are here for this update. Pancake House now offers its own rewards card that gives diners access to exclusive deals and instantly grants them a 10% discount for dine-in or take-out orders worth at least ₱600. Included in the annual subscription, cardholders get to enjoy free pancakes on their birth month, a free House Specials Set A when they register online and other feel-good freebies.



Claim the special Rewards Card with a single-receipt food purchase amounting to at least ₱1,000 and get the most bang for your buck at any Pancake House store nationwide. For more information, head on over to



Whether it’s just one or all of the things above, go forth, show yourself some love and treat yo self! You know you deserve it.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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