The New Johnnie Walker Will Change The Way You See Whisky

Johnnie Walker’s Johnnie Highball Will Change The Way You See And Taste Whisky


October 20, 2019
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Yes, you don’t have to have whisky on the rocks and no, it’s not just for spies



When one thinks of whisky, you think of Bill Murray’s Bob Harris in Lost in Translation, Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Skyfall or Colin Firths’ Harry Hart in Kingsman: The Secret Service. You also picture men (and women) in suits at high-end bars; it’s also one of the hallmarks of luxury, sure. But whisky isn’t just for British spies or serious situations. In fact, it can be enjoyed in unlimited ways; not just neat or on the rocks. Johnnie Walker’s Johnnie Highball proves just that by letting guests whip up their own concoction and try their Highball Collection at the first Johnnie Weekend at Dulo MNL in Poblacion.


But first, what is a Highball? It’s a fresh new way to enjoy whisky via a big-flavored and bold cocktail. The classic recipe consists of whisky, a mixer and your garnish of choice served in a tall glass with ice. Meanwhile, the Johnnie Highball Collection showcases three of the many ways you can get a little crazy with it.


Johnnie & Lime

Smoky with a kiss of citrus

To make, add 40ml or about 1 shot glass of Johnnie Walker Red Label or Black Label to a chilled tall glass filled with ice. Top with 120ml lemon lime soda. Garnish with a slice of lime.


Johnnie Walker Black Label


Johnnie & Ginger

Spicy and smoky.

Add 1 shot glass of Johnnie Walker Double Black to a chilled tall glass filled with ice. Top with 120ml ginger ale. Garnish with an orange slice.  


Johnnie Walker Double Black


Johnnie & Apple 

Smooth and creamy.

Made with 40ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve added to a chilled tall glass filled with ice. Top with apple juice and garnish with an apple slice.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label


We tried our hand at it, too, and while our recipe was not as neat or measured, it came out pretty damn good: 2 shots double black with equal parts ginger ale. Garnished with star anise, mint leaves, a sprig of rosemary, slice of lemon and orange peel. Yes, in that order and yes, with ice!


Don’t take our word of it, you gotta try it yourself or head on to the next Johnnie Weekend Highball Hour Takeovers done in collaboration with VeryDone, a collective of some of the best DJs and artists in town:


November 5 to 17, Siargao

November 8 to 9, Pasig

November 22 to 23, QC

December 6 to 7, BF, Paranaque

December 13 to 14, BGC, Taguig



Grab your friends, get dressed or down and get ready to experience whisky the fun way.


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Photos courtesy of Johnnie Walker

Art Alexandra Lara

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