This Salon Might Just Be BGC’s Best-Kept Secret

This Salon Might Just Be BGC’s Best-Kept Secret

Meet KOOP Studio, the multifunctional space that Pinterest dreams are made of



Here’s an observation. Articles get more clicks when you put a precedent like “celebrity or influencer approved”.  Moreover, anything remotely fueled by star power in their title. Perhaps I’m simply stating the obvious here. As humans, we’re invested in the lives of the rich and famous. There’s a natural curiosity that brews when we hear about the things celebrities do and the places they go (are they just like us?). Among the latest places on our star-approved map of the metro is a hair salon-slash-events space I can’t quite get out of my head: KOOP Studio. 



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Tucked away at the crossroads of 26th and 9th in Bonifacio Global City. KOOP Studio is a picturesque pocket of a modern rustic paradise. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows to let the light in (superior selfie lighting, I assure you), an abundance of wood and other locally-sourced elements (sourced legally, naturally) and plenty––and I mean plenty––of plants to brighten up the space, KOOP is the kind of place I’d give my left arm up to wake up in every day.

Foremostly, KOOP Studio is a salon. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking good things about Jennica Sanchez’s tresses, Bea Marin’s easy lob-but-not-quite or Issa Pressman’s fearless hair colors and even more fearless hair cuts, this is the kitchen you’ve got to thank for the absolute flavor of those looks. Among KOOP’s esteemed stylists is Brice Boidin, who is the salon’s owner and creative director. With over 15 years of experience cutting hair for clients. Like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy’s art directors, it’s safe to say this guy knows how to treat a mane right. Another prominent stylist on KOOP’s roster is Fendi George, whose name is bound to be uttered whenever beauty folk discusses getting their hair colored. Fendi is the go-to colorist of some of our faves, including Andrea Beldua, who sports impressively maintained, perpetually pink hair that we’ve written about in the past. 


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Inside KOOP ?

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The skills of the stylists are a given, really. But partner that up with a semi-private makeshift booth, a personal mirror and a chair handmade by a company known as the Rolls Royce of salon chairs––it’s an experience in itself.

We’ve established that KOOP Studio is easily an Instagram kind of gorgeous. However, the true beauty in this place is that it’s also functional. Take it from a textbook Capricorn: I’m not just throwing the word around lightly here. It was clear that function was top of mind when Enn Studio came up with KOOP's interiors. Designed as both a hair salon and an events space, none of the furniture is nailed, drilled, or fixed to the floor. All elements––from the salon chairs to the glass dividers to the plant-festooned shelves––are movable to fit whatever an occasion calls for.


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Curious? Intrigued? Particularly inspired to get a brand new cut and color, or maybe start up a Pinterest board of plant-abundant interiors? Build off that feeling and book an appointment at KOOP Studio via Instagram message or mobile at (916) 7666429.



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