4 Places to Bookmark for Online Korean Language Lessons

4 Places to Bookmark for Online Korean Language Lessons

The best places for group and solo Hangul classes, coming right up!



Admit it: one way or another, you’ve inched deeper into the K-culture rabbit hole over the quarantine. Whether it’s finally heeding your friend’s request to listen to their faves’ latest release or streaming a K-drama on Netflix, we’ve all felt the razor-sharp teeth of the Korean wave sinking a little deeper into our lifestyles.


If your interests don’t stop at just casual listening and drama-bingeing, picking up the language might be a worthwhile hobby. If you aspire to travel to South Korea or attend a fansign with your faves, you’ll want to come prepared with conversational Korean phrases. Or even more, if you want to venture towards fluency.


Here, we round up four places to help you do just that—without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Scroll ahead to discover where to take online Korean language lessons!


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SEOUL Language and Cultural Center

The SEOUL Language and Cultural Center has five Hangul course levels. Basic Korean 1, which is facilitated in online group classes, is the starting point for beginners with no background on the language.


From there, students can graduate to Basic Korean 2, Conversational Korean or Elementary Korean 1 to prepare for the first level of the TOPIK proficiency exam. Thereafter, students can take the rest of the Elementary and Intermediate classes one-on-one with an instructor. 


Fees depend on your course level, but most fall between the range of P3,000 to P3,500. This fee is inclusive of textbooks and 20 hours' worth of classes. Classes are conducted in two-hour periods once a week!


Check out SEOUL Language and Cultural Center’s current course offerings!

Jung's Korean Classroom

Founded by Korean language lecturer, Jung Jongsu, Jung's Korean Classroom offers course types for every kind of student.


Students looking to learn the language for conversational use (or you know, so they can watch K-dramas without subtitles) can go for the general classes. TOPIK and EPS-TOPIK classes offer review sessions for students gearing up to take proficiency tests. Also on the menu: business-focused language classes and Korean lessons for spouse visas.


To ensure that students start learning at the right class level, they encourage students to take a free online assessment test.


Jung’s Korean Classroom opens registration for classes on a monthly basis. They offer classes in 10-session bundles, with each session lasting an hour and a half.


See this month’s schedules on their official website!


Not every language school can promise to have you reading and writing in Korean in just a day, but Gray.Sue.Sam delivers. At the helm of Gray.Sue.Sam is Grace, a self-taught Filipina and K-culture fangirl.


Grace offers group classes at P3950, held twice a week over the course of a month. She also offers one-on-one classes in bundles of 5 sessions at P6555, and custom small group classes once a week for P5550. All packages are inclusive of worksheets, study guides and Telegram consultations.


Click through to check out Gray.Sue.Sam’s class details, rates and more!

The Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines

The Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines (KCC) was one of the first places to formally offer Korean language lessons in the country. The government-backed organization offers Basic Korean, two levels of Elementary Korean and Intermediate Korean lessons. All these lessons are conducted online in groups. They also offer intensive classes for folks who are looking to migrate to Korea for employment (or with a spouse visa).


Class fees range from P2,000 to P3,000. A semester covers up to 60 hours’ worth of lessons—an obvious steal, which explains the high demand for these classes. Because of limited slots and a growing number of students, KCC recently switched to a raffle system, only allowing a maximum of 18 students to register per class.


Stay updated on KCC’s class offerings and registration dates!


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Ready to get started? Tell us which school you’re most interested in down in the comments.



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