Feeling Artsy? Here’s Your To-Buy List For A DIY Painting Kit

Feeling Artsy? Here’s Your To-Buy List For A DIY Painting Kit

Need a new hobby or something to help relax you? Hear us out: try a painting kit



Drained from your usual nine-to-six in front of the screen? Time to get honest: Ever since we transitioned to a WFH setup, staying online has become unavoidable. What’s worse, those online me-time moments inevitably come mixed with tasks from work. Those little items in your to-do list or emails that come in after hours. But in times when we find ourselves getting to that point, maybe all it takes is a reminder to—as a Gen Z would call it—touch grass (otherwise known as drawing the curtains of your bedroom window).


Give the online space a break and seek leisure through hands-on experiences. The creative inner child in you is screaming: take your inspiration somewhere else. And you can never go wrong with the ease and flexibility that comes with art. So allow yourself to be in the moment, move away from your desk and work with your hands.


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Here’s how to start assembling your very own painting kit:


Palette Knives Set (P89)


Call it the manual procedure of adding layers, similar to what you usually find in design software like Photoshop or Adobe Fresco. Palette knives are used for a solid paint-on-paint effect, perfect for nature-esque and abstract paintings. It’s all about the texture! (Feel free to go wild with this one.)


Paint Brushes (P8-P16)


For every canvas, there’s a brush or two that brings your imagine to life. The range and use of these paint brushes are diverse in their usage. Use the thin ones for details and the thick ones for filling. And everything in between is just the cherry on top—you won’t want anything more.


Acrylic Paint Set (P318)


Humble beginnings start with learning the basics. Ask an artist what kind of paint you should start with, and they’ll likely say acrylic. (Trust us, we’ve asked around.) You can even take your skills beyond the canvas with it!


If you want to try creating hand-painted bags in the way that Heart Evangelista does, acrylic paint is the way to go.



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Canvas (P39-P195)


This are no questions, comments or commentary necessary. It’s a must-have!


Wooden Easel Stand (P59-P159)

Feeling Artsy? Here’s Your To-Buy List For A DIY Painting Kit


No reason to bend your back for some fun. Make it an option to purchase a stand for your canvas, especially when you plan to take the activity outdoors. Save yourself the hassle with easy-to-carry ones, too!


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So, what’s the first thing you’re painting?



Words Bianca Villena

Art Macky Arquilla

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