Take Cues From Liza Soberano & Curve Payment Stress With GCash

Take Cues From Liza Soberano & Curve Payment Stress With GCash

Covering everything from bills to online shopping



For those of us that used to dream of a work-from-home setup, the pandemic and its varying levels of lockdown have acted as a severe slap in the face. Unlike our expectations, WFH does not necessarily mean more quality time with the family, more time for ourselves and more head room to work on our passions or hobbies. Quite the opposite, there seems to be less time for anything else.


But despite the challenges, we’re still expected to persevere and strive—which isn’t impossible, especially with a little help from GCash and some inspiration from the one and only Liza Soberano. Because going cashless during the pandemic is really the only way to stay on top of all our payables.



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Pay anywhere

GCash has really made online shopping—whether for essentials or for the occasional retail therapy—so much easier. Thanks to its partnerships with Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and more, it’s easy to check out with GCash and simply wait for the deliveries to come to your door. But if you’re more inclined to support other local vendors that don’t have a platform on these e-commerce sites, you can always opt to score more unique finds straight from your choice vendors. Send Money to any merchant wherever they are in the country!


Pay and go

Then again, with lockdown protocols easing all around the country, we now also have the opportunity to (safely!) visit on-ground stores. But with this freedom comes even more responsibilities: wear your mask, wear your face mask, practice social distancing and go cashless as often as you can to minimize hand-to-hand transactions.


Just look for your merchant’s GCash QR code at the store counter and Pay QR using the GCash app (and keep an eye out for deals, freebies and promos while you’re at it!).


Pay anytime

Lining up to pay your bills is officially a thing of the past, whether you’re settling your utilities, internet, credit cards, real estate, plane tickets or government transactions. With Pay Bills, you have the option to pay in advance or just as your bills are due. The point is: You’ll never have to stress yourself out and drive to the closest convenience store or payment center ever again.


Shop now, pay later

No judgements; we all just need a little bit of help sometimes! So if you’re running low on disposable cash, there is GCredit (which doesn’t require a credit card). The purchases don’t have to stop, and you can pay when things are a little financially lighter.


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We have the opportunity to go cashless and minimize all the struggles and stress of lines, so what’s stopping you? When everything is already so difficult, give yourself the gift of ease.



Download the GCash app—available for all networks—on the App Store or the Play Store.



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