Celebrity Love Guru Luis Manzano Answers Your Top Relationship Questions

Celebrity Love Guru Luis Manzano Answers Your Top Relationship Questions

Red flag or green flag? Luis Manzano takes the test as Toblerone’s love guru this Love Month



From defining the relationship to discussing marriage, we all have questions about love and dating that keep us awake at night. You’ll be able to rest easy with the help of Toblerone’s love guru for February, TV host and comedian Luis Manzano. With years of dating experience under his belt, and as he's now happily married to actress Jessy Mendiola (who he affectionately calls “How how”), he has all the answers.  


Is it a red flag or a green flag? The love guru was put to the test during an intimate gathering with the press for Toblerone’s limited edition Valentine’s Pack launch. Take some notes because this will surely save you from a lot of drama and heartache!



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Luis Manzano says If the girl insists on paying for the bill during the first date  

Green Flag: Para sa’kin (For me), it shows initiative. It shows sharing something together, not just simply the monetary [aspect of things]. It’s not about the money or how much the dinner was; For me, when a woman wants to pay for the bill, at the same time, she’s saying this time together, we’ll share this moment. 


For example, kami ni Howhow (For Howhow and I), that’s how we do it. There are days when I take care of the bill, and there are days siya naman (she does it). It goes past the monetary aspect—the actual act of paying. The way I see it is, you’re sharing a responsibility together. 


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Insisting on a label after a month of dating

Red Flag: The keyword is “insisting,” hindi ba (right)? If you simply ask after a month, that would be okay pero para sa’kin (but for me), in every relationship, it’s about the journey. Of course, the end goal is always there…It’s hard to enjoy the journey kung every month, pinipilit mo lagyan ng label, maybe the other person could simply be taking his or her time (It’s hard to enjoy the journey when, every month, you force to put a label on it, maybe the other person could simply be taking his or her time). That would put undue pressure, and things will be unnatural. 


Kung curious ka talaga, pwede ka magpatawa (If you’re really curious, you can joke around). You can do it as a joke, “Ano ba talaga tayo?” tapos tawa na lang kayo (You can do it as a joke, “What are we?” then just laugh about it). Siguro (maybe) when whoever’s ready will answer there and then, things will fall into place. 


Introducing you to parents after the second date 

Green Flag: Meron tayong kasabihan na “kung ano ang puno, ‘yun and bunga” (We have a saying that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”). If you had a good time, a good first date, it’s nice to meet the other side of that person. Of course, the parents will always play such a big influence on how he or she is as a person, as someone in a relationship. I wouldn’t mind seeing their interactions…para sa akin, it adds to the “ganda points” pa nga (for me, it adds to her beauty).


Discussing marriage and kids on the first date 

Green Flag: Para sa akin (For me), surprisingly green. I just want to know if we’re on the same page kahit papaano (howsoever). It could be a very casual conversation…it’s nice to know especially if you’re mature, if you’re on the same page with your potential significant other, kesa naman magkagulatan kayo (than being surprised) down the road. You don’t need to talk [seriously] about it. You can be very, very casual and just learn about that person. 


Luis Manzano thought about asking for Facebook password 

Red Flag: I firmly believe you get to enjoy something on your own; you have a life together, but you have your own life. 


If you learned they cheated on a previous relationship

Red Flag: It would have to be a red flag, but it wouldn’t be an automatic goodbye. You know, things happen for whatever reason. I’m not condoning it…but everyone has a history. If you focus on that, nothing will happen; focus on the present. It will make you more aware; it will make you more cautious, but there’s no automatic judgment. 


You know very little about their previous relationship or partners 

Green Flag: I’m not an asker. In my past relationships, I’m never “Paano kayo? (How were you guys?)” unless there’s a bit [wherein] I really need it to help our relationship—then I will ask, or I hope you tell me. Para sa akin (For me), you have your memories, I respect that. Leave them behind; let’s create new memories. 


If they prefer to sleep on an argument rather than resolve it immediately 

Red Flag: It was a learning experience para sa akin (for me). I was the type na tutulugan ko muna (I would sleep it off), not because I don’t care, but because I want everyone to cool down before we talk. Jess made me realize, why waste time? You can cool down for a bit, give yourself time to watch TV, pumunta sa isang kwarto (go to a room), that’s okay. But at the end of the day, bago matulog (before you sleep) or after dinner, you talk about the problem. 


If they still keep their ex’s gifts 

Green Flag: With the past, I’m not going to ask you if you have a shoebox with pictures and tokens. I’m never going down that path. Para sa akin (For me), whatever happened, you get to enjoy it. Now if there’s any information I need to know that will have a bearing in our relationship in the present, then please, let me know. But if it’s simple pictures o kung ano man, enjoy it, itago mo ‘yan (But if it’s simple pictures or whatever, enjoy it, keep it). Gagawa ako ng mas malaking shoe box para sa’tin (I will make a bigger shoe box for us). 



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This Love Month, what questions do you have for the love guru? Drop them in the comments below!



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