Enjoy All-Day Lunchin’ At Lunes Everyday Dining

Enjoy All-Day Lunchin’ At Lunes Everyday Dining

Meet the newest neighborhood spot in Poblacion



Whenever Poblacion gets brought up in a conversation, many often associate it with its thriving nightlife. Many believe it’s populated mostly with professionals taking their afternoon breaks and eager night dwellers looking for a nightcap, particularly as establishments open during the afternoons until late at night. But don’t be fooled; more and more quaint spots are opening in the area, ready to cater to early risers, mid-day customers and some of those looking for a nice dinner spot. Enter: Lunes Everyday Dining.


With its cozy and IG-worthy interior, Lunes invites almost anyone and everyone to come inside and take a peek. Located at 6060 R. Palma, Poblacion, Makati, the restaurant offers Filipino comfort food with a creative twist. Contemporary concepts meet nostalgia without sacrificing much of the familiarity of native dishes. “We wanted to create an intimate neighborhood restaurant in Poblacion,” explains Square One Hospitality Concepts CEO and founder Jenny Yrasegui in a press release. “And to us, there was space for creative comfort Filipino food in the area.”


Lunes’ unique but welcoming interior also has touches of Philippine culture and design


Headed by young creative cook Chesca San Juan, the menu of Lunes explores dishes inspired by home-cooked meals made by her mother. Mixing the familiar flavors of home with her expertise from working in the food and beverage industry comes forth Lunes’ creative take on Filipino food. So whether you’re an early riser looking for a morning bite or someone looking for a filling meal to last you the day, you’ll find a dish that will satisfy your cravings at Lunes.


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From the AM to early PM

Start your day or kick off your afternoon with fresh pastries and breakfast bowls from Lunes, available everyday from 8AM to 3PM. Crowd-favorite selections are the 48-Hour House Sous-Vide Corned Beef (P295) and Pork Adobo Rice (P390). These are best paired with Lunes’ coffee, such as the Cloud Americano (P135) and Cappuccino (P140), both potent enough to give you a kick that will last the rest of the day.


Lunes offers a selection of Breakfast Bowls available from 8AM to 3PM


L to R: Cloud Americano and Cappuccino


For your all-day indulgence

Spoil yourself and the rest of your party with the flavorful appetizers and mains from Lunes. Perhaps one of the most memorable appetizers off the menu is the Chicharon Bulaklak, Two Ways (P180). Lunes serves the iconic pulutan as grilled and deep-fried pork intestines glazed with honey fish sauce. Enjoy savory, sweet and umami flavors all in one bite. Meanwhile, keep your meals balanced with various side dishes, such as the sautéed Gising-Gising (P95).


L to R: Chicharon Bulaklak and Gising-Gising


Treat your taste buds to both regional dishes and Filipino cuisine staples. Start off with the Chicken Piaparan (P590), a coconut curry dish from Maranao. It’s different from the yellow chicken curry we all know, but most definitely a treat for all the senses. Lunes also reinvents the classic Kare-Kare (P720), featuring lightly fried vegetables, nose-to-tail parts and beef as the iconic peanut sauce gets poured tableside. Pair it with the restaurant’s in-house bagoong for the whole experience.


L to R: Chicken Piaparan and Kare-Kare


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Don’t forget the bev and bubbly

The full-blown Filipino dining experience isn’t complete without refreshments. Crafted by Square One’s Enzo Luna, Lunes’ drink menu mixes the traditional and nostalgic with the contemporary and unique. For non-alcoholic refreshments, the Lunes House Gulaman (P120) is an excellent place to start. But if you’re feeling adventurous, try the Mais Corn Fizz (P160), an alcoholic cocktail inspired by the iconic mais con yelo dessert. Aside from the enticing corn-on-the-cob-looking glass, the fizz and flavor mix well in this quirky beverage.


L to R: Lunes House Gulaman and Mais Corn Fizz


But let me be honest, nothing beats having the total Lunes experience IRL. So this is your sign to pay Lunes Everyday Dining a visit!


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Lunes Everyday Dining is open from 8AM to 10PM, at 6060 R. Palma St., Poblacion, Makati City. Satisfy your cravings even from a distance by ordering for pickup or delivery through Grab. For more information, follow Lunes on Instagram.



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