Y2K Nostalgia with Magasin Archive

Y2K Nostalgia with Magasin Archive

On Twitter, Magasin Archive (@glossyarchive) takes us back to more carefree days when we did not have a care in the world



Picture this: You’re on a telebabad with your BFF, maybe even your ka-MU (mutual understanding). Your ate shouts from upstairs because she needs to use the internet for school, so you say goodbye begrudgingly. You go back to your room and pick up a magazine and pore over the glossy pages of titles like Seventeen, Total Girl, Meg and Candy—and you couldn’t be more content. 


Magasin Archive (@glossyarchive) on Twitter takes us back to the heydays of print. Featuring pages of now defunct titles from the ‘90s and ‘00s, we can’t help but feel nostalgic for days when we did not have a care in the world. 


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We’re taking you back to the good ‘ol days with the help of some of our favorite glossy pages:


Atom Araullo: OG Candy Cutie


Before Atom Araullo became a well-decorated journalist and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador (plus sought-after bachelor), he was a charming 18-year-old Candy Cutie wearing a statement tee emblazoned with “Roll Back Oil Prices.” 


Zoom in and you’ll find his response to the sweetest thing he’s done for a girl—treating them with respect. We can’t help but (still) swoon!


Rico Yan to the rescue


There’s a reason why even decades after his unfortunate passing, matinee idol Rico Yan is still beloved by many Pinoys. He’s the crushable boy-next-door willing to make time for his female fans to fill them in on guy behavior. 


Though some advice is out-of-date because of his “conservative upbringing” (e.g. flirting is a big no-no for girls), we can’t help but agree with some of his pointers for young girls. Effective communication really is key to a long-lasting relationship! 


P.S. Clearly, some things don’t change. Why are guys still so torpe?


Meet the cast of “Tabing Ilog”


Local TV reigned supreme when we had baby-faced John Lloyd Cruz, Patrick Garcia and Jodi Sta. Maria to look forward to every week. The well-loved TV series Tabing Ilog aired on ABS-CBN for four years, which focused on the relationship of tight-knit friends, reminiscent of the American TV series Dawson’s Creek


Quiz: How Jologs Are You?


There’s nothing to be ashamed of, repapips. We're all a little jologs sometimes! Whether you know the lyrics of songs from SexBomb Girls or fancy viewing Eat Bulaga occasionally, you do you! 


But really, we want to know—is your blood red-thick jologs?


Dress like your faves!


Before we had access to A-list celebrities and their walk-in closets thanks to personal vlogs and the black hole that is Architectural Digest, we had style guides. There’s nothing like recreating your favorite actor’s fit—sans the hefty price tag. 


Ah, we’re getting nostalgic for days when we wore head-to-toe People Are People. 


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