Uncanny Beginnings & Meet Cutes IRL That Should Be In Movies

Uncanny Beginnings & Meet Cutes IRL That Should Be In Movies

These true meet cute stories are…cute



There are some meet cutes in movies that deserve to be called as such: The Holiday, You’ve Got Mail, Serendipity, Roman Holiday and High School Musical, to name a few. These are the kinds of first meetings that the romantics in us die for but never really experience. I mean, they’re just in movies…right?


No, ladies and gents, such stories happen in real life. And while I do not have one of my own, at least I’ve got the stories of friends to keep me entertained. 


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Tara and Mike

These two first met at a pool party, with Mike crawling on the floor and chasing a Pomeranian. Tara thought him too talkative, even obnoxious and she was sure she would never date him if they were set up. But the two found themselves in the company of a Tinder couple—each one the friend of the other—and that's when they really got to know each other. 


It's been five years and counting. 


Francisco and Estela

Because she always had her head in a book, Estela never really spent much time outside her house. One afternoon, she took a seat by the window and Francisco caught a glimpse of her while on a casual bike ride. They locked eyes, she turned away and that should have been that. The thing is, he knocked on her family’s door the next day with a bilao of puto and asked her parents for permission to court her.


Seems like a lifetime ago, now.



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Bea and Miguel

These two met at math camp and Miguel took it upon himself to make a move of some sort. No longer armed with the chocolate his mother packed for him, Miguel stole his brother’s to give to Bea. Lo and behold, his nerves got the best of him and he ended up eating the same outside Bea’s dorm door instead of knocking on it. 


Who would have thought they’d be getting married one day? 


Alyssa and Gelvin

When Alyssa turned 18, she had her debut, which—of course—had a dance segment for her 18 roses, with her last dance planned to be with her boyfriend at the time. But because they were in a long distance relationship, his best friend stepped in as a proxy. That best friend’s name is Gelvin and he’s been dancing with Alyssa for seven years now. 





Darien and Roxette

They met online, working on a website with a mutual friend. Roxette was still in school and handling the design aspect of things; Darien was moderating the content. But when Korean drama W was released, the two found they had a shared interest in the series and, as Darien describes, “several episodes later and we [had] begun holding conversations not related to W or the project.” 


The interest and the feelings were there, but so was the distance. With military duties hanging over his head in Singapore, Darien was thankful to get some time off in December for a surprise visit to the Philippines (unbeknownst to Roxette). 


Thank god the online chemistry translated on-ground. 


Gino and Sarah

For most of us, college is (or was) a time to explore and experiment. For Gino and Sarah, college was coming full circle. 


The two became friends, shared meals and common break times together, like most blockmates tend to do. But they eventually came to the conclusion that they preferred each other’s company above anyone else’s. And days after the two shared their first kiss—her first real kiss ever—they found out that they had met a long time ago, in kindergarten.




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So maybe none of us will actually get to experience reaching out for the same item on a store shelf with an eventually significant other or holding hands and immediately feeling electricity or striking up a conversation with a stranger that will leave us missing that moment for days. Maybe not all of us have or will have movie-worthy meet cutes—but so what; life isn’t a movie and it’s what happens after the meet cutes that really matter. 


I’d trade in an adorable introduction for a real relationship. Wouldn’t you? 



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