Your Faves Could Never: This Collaboration Is Too Good to be True

Your Faves Could Never: This Collaboration Is Too Good to be True

Mentos and Royal Tru-Orange team up for a must-have summer treat for everyone


Iconic duos abound in pop culture and entertainment—from FRIENDS’ Joey and Chandler to Archie Comics’ Betty and Veronica—unforgettable pairs who have become household names across generations. This time, powerhouse brands Mentos and Royal Tru-Orange team up to make a must-have summer treat for people of all ages. Wait for it—a limited-edition chewy candy with a fresh take on your favorite Royal Tru-Orange flavor! I mean, your faves could never!


Your Faves Could Never: This Collaboration Is Too Good to be True


Mentos, our favorite soft candy known for its refreshing taste and iconic packaging, has been satisfying our cravings for over 40 years. On the other hand, homegrown brand Royal Tru-Orange has been quenching thirst since the 1920s with its signature orange flavor.


We’re saying NO to FOMO and YES to FRESH with a bite-sized treat to quench our summer thirst! Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with the ultimate collaboration from Mentos and Royal Tru-Orange. It features a unique blend of flavors with a perfect combination of sweetness and freshness, making it the ideal snack this season!


In partnership with Mentos and Royal Tru-Orange, Team Wonder shared this fresh na fresh collaboration with strangers in Manila. We tested their knowledge on all-things Mentos, and they came, they slayed, they conquered!


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It’s really the perfect combination of fruity, tangy and zesty! Don’t miss out on this must-have summer treat for everyone. Embrace the season with a refreshing twist on a classic candy and experience the ultimate freshness in every chew!


You can be the first to try it out by visiting your nearest 7-Eleven, supermarket or convenience store. Run, don’t walk! This collaboration is available for a limited-time only.


Keep an eye out for more fresh collaborations from Mentos in the months to come by following @MentosPH on social media.



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