Broken Heart? That’s A Problem. Broken Phone? There’s An Easy Fix

Broken Heart? That’s A Problem. Broken Phone? There’s An Easy Fix

Hey, it’s one less thing to think about



There’s a lot going on in the world, of which some we have little to no control of. From the coronavirus outbreak to the political climate here and across, varying opinions have caused tension between families and rifts among friends. It’s messy and uncomfortable to unpack and takes time to resolve. 


But unlike broken bonds, a broken phone is much easier to mend. Cracked screens can be replaced and spills can be toweled off. It can get pretty expensive though, depending on how ~carefully~ you handle your phone. So maybe consider this: a mobile protection program that helps keep your phone safe, protected and in good condition. Hey, if it’s one less thing to think about, we’ll take it. 



What is Gadget Protect?

Gadget Protect is a mobile protection program by bolttech Device Protection. It offers coverage for accidental drops and liquid damages with added services like 24/7 tech support, and phone pickup and delivery. The best part? It’s all online.


It’s different from your phone’s warranty

Not all phone warranties are made equal. There might even be tense conversations about what you think is covered and what actually is by your phone company. So for your own peace of mind, double up on safety and protection. You never know when disaster will strike or when your phone will give up the nth time you stand up and forget it’s on your lap. 


Price starts at P389 and is honestly a small price to pay for future-proofing your device. You also don’t have to worry about the smallest details; Gadget Protect only uses approved and original replacement parts and works with the best technicians.


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Okay, how much are we talking about?

The cost really depends on the price range of your gadget. It includes full year coverage for accidental and water-related damages but not theft. Devices covered include Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. 


Broken Heart? That's A Problem. Broken Phone? There's An Easy Fix

* Accidental Damage Benefits and Water Damage Benefits
* Can be purchased anytime as long as phone was acquired within 12 months


Also before you purchase, make sure your device is in good working condition—read: no dents and cracks—otherwise the program won’t apply.


You may want to take extra care, too, within a month from the time you signed up for Gadget Protect because coverage will take effect 30 days from the policy purchase date. You know, to avoid fraudulent claims just days after buying the policy. Should anything happen thereafter, your serviced or replacement phone will be delivered to you within 7 days for those living in Metro Manila and at least 15 days for those outside the capital.   



So, how about that peace of mind?


Learn more about Gadget Protect here.



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