On Board The MOSPHIL by RRR at Palacio de Memoria

On Board The MOSPHIL by RRR at Palacio de Memoria

Palacio de Memoria and Run Rabbit Run introduce the MOSPHIL by RRR: a plane by day, a bar by night



Manila is home to antiquities from the distant past; its old world charm enchants even the locals close by. At Parañaque’s heritage Palacio de Memoria, “a cultural purveyor housed in a pre-war mansion, restored in all its old world glory” owned and operated by the Lhuillier family, stands the MOSPHIL by RRR.   


Indulge your wanderlust with a one-of-a-kind “plane by day, bar by night” spot encased in a decommissioned Ukrainian Antonov 24-B aircraft, later used by MosPhil Aero—a short-lived airline, which operated both domestic passenger and cargo services.


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At the helm are Run Rabbit Run’s Michael Hearn and Dominique Cojuangco, plus Palacio de Memoria’s Camila Lhuillier-Albani. Inspired by the swinging 1960s and radical 1970s, MOSPHIL by RRR is an homage to an age gone by, reliving the period of funky town Manila. The place is beautifully curated with mid-century modern furniture and curios from the Lhuillier family’s unrivaled collection of antiques.



Many of us haven’t set foot inside a plane since the start of the pandemic—why not start with the Mosphil Lounge?  


In an exclusive interview with Wonder, Michael reveals how the idea of MOSPHIL by RRR came together. He narrates, “Camila and I are good friends, so we’ve been talking about different businesses and ideas for a while. She’s always been a big fan and supporter of our main bar, Run Rabbit Run in Poblacion. We just started talking, we came up with an idea, and we sort of started pulling things together—like pegs of what it would look like, what we wanted the team to wear, then what we wanted the drinks to be like and, sort of, the idea behind different destinations came about. And then we just pulled it together.” 



It’s time to unwind! Michael notes, “The good thing about MOSPHIL is we really try to celebrate the [fun aspect]…so it’s less about the intricacies of a typical food and beverage outlet…and [more about] making [everything] more relaxing.”



Choose from MOSPHIL by RRR’s high-quality cocktails inspired by places, people and the art of flying. Made by the team behind Run Rabbit Run in Poblacion—named the Best Bar in the Philippines in 2020—you’ll surely find a new favorite, or two, from their signature cocktails and their take on classics. Need some pica-pica? Enjoy in-flight bites from The Loggia by Margarita Fores and choose from antipasti, pizza and dips. 


Our immediate favorites? The refreshing signature cocktails: Manila International and Destination Paradise.



What makes RRR stand out from other bars in the metro is their main thrust to make cocktails accessible, even to somebody who’s drinking for the first time. Michael shares, It really comes [down] to personal preference. The one thing that we work on the most in our main bar [in Poblacion] and here [in MOSPHIL] is to make cocktails more approachable—to sort of remove the nervousness and animosity behind cocktails, making it more accessible.” 



Michael even notes that they try to create an environment where you can enjoy drinking “even in shorts, t-shirts and slippers.” He adds, “Regardless if you’re a seasoned cocktail drinker or you’re trying it for the first time, we really work hard to try to make you feel more comfortable, and to help you through that journey.” 



For Michael, his go-to is an Old Fashioned because, for him, it’s “always a good way to test the skills of a bartender.” He notes, “There’s a particular flavor that you’re looking for and it all comes down to the blend of bourbon, the bitters [and sugar] that they’re using. I use that as a way of benchmarking bars and bartenders.”   


Want a full tour of the MOSPHIL by RRR? We've got you!



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Unwind and relive days of past at the MOSPHIL by RRR at Palacio de Memoria. We promise, it’s worth the drive!  



The MOSPHIL by RRR is located at Palacio de Memoria, 95 Roxas Blvd., Tambo, Parañaque. They’re open from Tuesdays to Sundays (6PM to 11PM). 


To stay updated, follow MOSPHIL by RRR on Instagram.



Photos Elisa Aquino

Art Pis Trinidad

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