Attention Please: There’s a New Jack-Coke in Town

Attention Please: There’s a New Jack-Coke in Town

Stop trying to get the mix right yourself, and just open up a can of Jack-Coke



Does anyone else remember their first drink? Chances are, yours was a mix of Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola. It was easy to tell the bartender without risk of embarrassment, you could easily mix it up at home and you knew exactly what it was going to taste like. For years, the pairing that makes the iconic Jack-Coke drink has been embraced by generations, and now it’s only gotten better. 


Last year, the two brands formally paired up to launch the original Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola alcoholic ready-to-drink product. It was ready for our taking everywhere—groceries, convenience stores, even some choice bars littered around the Philippines. But now there’s a new item that has our attention, and deserves yours: the Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.


Attention Please: There’s a New Jack-Coke in Town


“Last year, when we launched [the classic Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola ready-to-drink], we heard a lot of clamor for a Zero Sugar option,” Mark Jason Dee, Senior Director for Frontline Marketing of Coca-Cola Philippines tells Wonder. “It’s part of our DNA to listen to what our consumers want. We felt that there was a missing ingredient in our portfolio, and that’s why we decided to launch.”


Mark went on to tell us that there is no battle between Classic and Zero Sugar, and that the veteran brands are simply providing more options to their consumers. So if you still prefer the Classic, go for it. But if you want a different—arguably healthier—option, then the Jack-Coke Zero Sugar is ready for you.


Attention Please: There’s a New Jack-Coke in Town


Asked for his perfect situation that calls for a Jack-Coke alcoholic ready-to-drink can, Mark paints us a picture: a weekend spent around family and friends, watching (and hopefully celebrating) a basketball game on TV. But we have to agree when he says it depends on the person, and that the new product is perfect for any celebration—big or small, with whomever you choose to celebrate with. 


Pack it up for a beach trip, open a can on a Friday to welcome the weekend. Share it with your parents, your siblings of legal drinking age. Get your friends together and cheers cold glasses together. Trust us when we say that nothing hits the spot quite like a ready-to-drink Jack-Daniels.


Now available in 320 mL slim cans with a 7% alcohol level, The Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar cocktail drink is available at convenience stores and supermarkets, but it will also be available online via,, Shopee and Lazada for consumers who are 18 years old and above.

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