The Best New Restaurants To Sink Your Teeth Into

The Best New Restaurants To Sink Your Teeth Into

Looking for new restaurants to try?



New restaurants pop in and out of Metro Manila so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what’s still open, what just opened and which among our favorites have regretfully closed shop. But while we miss some of the spaces of our past, we’re glad it means there’s always a new table to sit our asses on and new dishes to sink our teeth into.


Disclaimer: “New” is relative



Ground Floor The Plaze, Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, BGC


Grilling and over-charcoal cooking aren’t exactly novel ideas, but an entire menu—including greens—cooked exclusively with these styles is whole different thing. In Savage, oak wood is the choice of flavor and it shows definitely in the dishes. You can have your choice of seafood, protein and veg, cooked “pre-industrial” style.


Images via Facebook/Savage


And BTW, that open fire kitchen? Yes please.


Kam’s Roast

Mega Fashion Hall, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


There is a lot of pressure when a Michelin-star big name makes its way to Manila and Kam’s Roast is no exception. And because the SM Megamall branch is the first international branch of the acclaimed franchise, there’s even more on the line.


Fortunately, the chicken, duck and pork dishes do not disappoint—maybe just don’t compare to its hawker-style counterpart in HK.


Images via Facebook/Kam's Roast Philippines


And in case you were wondering, you can’t get any goose because importing birds from China is a big no-no. Also, please bring friends so the chances of over ordering are significantly decreased.


Fat Fook

Glorietta Complex, Makati


There’s been a lot of good news going around about Fat Fook since it first opened and I have to say there’s some basis to it. The servings are generous, the pricing is fair and the dishes taste as good as they look. And it’s family style, so it’s perfect for those of us that love getting our teeth on multiple flavors.


Yes, it opened in SM North EDSA a while back, but it’s now situated in CBD, so yay.



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These things said, the Glorietta branch is not the best when it comes to service. There are times you’ll have to ask the servers twice or thrice for something, but they always get it on the table eventually. So maybe bring some patience along with your appetite when you do visit. And order the chicken cubes and Taiwanese-style fried rice.


On a side note, it’s kind of hard to get over the fact that Fat Fook sounds a lot like Fat Fuck. #UnnecessaryBanter



Hole In The Wall, Century City Mall, Makati


Before anyone that’s familiar with SpiceBird starts throwing stones, let me admit that it’s not exactly a new restaurant. The truth is that SpiceBird has been a staple in Boracay for quite some time, but it recently opened up shop in Century City Mall. So now we can enjoy their gloriously-proportioned food right here in Metro Manila.


Images via Instagram/SpiceBird


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Get a heaping portion of chicken or pork belly paired with spiced rice, honey vinegar, salad, vegetable chips and a bread roll. If it sounds too much and you need to sacrifice some stuff, ditch the bread. You should hurry though; Spice Bird is shipping back to Boracay at the end of September.


Rico’s Lechon

5th Avenue corner 26th Street, Fort Strip, BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila


Another vacation-favorite turned every day-favorite is Rico’s Lechon. The Cebu-stable recently opened up shop in BGC and it’s seriously satisfying our cravings because they have every possible flavor imaginable.



And in case you haven’t yet figured it out, do not eat Rico’s Lechon with gravy. You deserve to taste their rub and marinade with #NoFilter.


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Restaurants and eating trends may come and go, but our love for food will never falter. Who knows what new restaurants the next months will bring? Whatever they are, we can’t wait to sink our teeth into it.



Art Alexandra Lara.

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