Bumble Better: Online Dating Tips to Remember

Bumble Better: Online Dating Tips to Remember

May 2023 be the year we Bumble better with these online dating tips



How we connect with others will always leave an impact, but whether that impact is positive or not is up to us. According to the 2022 Year in Review of Bumble, the women-first and women-led dating app, over half a billion first moves were made on the platform, with 70% of people feeling positive about the brewing romance. Ready to make this percentage higher? Bumble’s got your back! This 2023, learn how to Bumble Better with these effective tips for your best online dating experience yet.



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Be intentional about what you’re looking for

We're all to familiar with the stress about not being on the same page. “Hey, you’re great, but this isn’t what I’m looking for,” doesn’t have to be a line to hear (or use) over and over. Make your intentions clear; there’s no time and energy to waste, especially in *this* economy.


Fortunately, Bumble helps you skip the pain-inducing cringe through the “Date Intentions” advanced Badge and Filter. This allows you to choose from: relationship, something casual and marriage to let people know what you’re looking for from a potential Bumble date. This feature can help you be more transparent and make your experience more meaningful.


If you’re still trying to figure out what you want, there’s no harm in that, too! The more you match with people, the better chances you’ll have in refining your expectations from the dating app. 


Be curious and ask thoughtful questions

Communication is key. Bumble created the Questions Game, which can help you and your match get to know each other better. It provides you with a wide range of playful questions, so “wala na akong maisip (I can’t think of anything more)” is no longer an excuse. Keep the flow going to see if you have chemistry! 


Keep an open mind but don’t be oblivious to red flags

The talking stage is one of the most vital parts of building a relationship. It stirs up excitement, but it also determines the direction that you want to go. This allows you to decide if things are bound to end or if it’s time to move on to the next stage! When getting to know someone, be open-minded, but don’t overlook the red flags. Are they moving too fast? Too soon? Are they genuinely interested in what you’re saying?



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Consider dating outside of your “type”

If you’re entering the dating scene, consider stepping out of your comfort zone. This broadens the scope of the people you meet, increasing your chances of finding the one! Based on Bumble’s dating trends survey, a whopping 77% of Philippine residents prioritize emotional maturity over physical requirements. Look past appearances, and you just might be surprised.


Pace yourself and enjoy the journey

Putting yourself out there may display vulnerability. But at the end of the day, dating is a journey for you to learn more about yourself by exploring what you like and what you don’t like. It’s meant to be a fun adventure, so no pressure! Dating should support, rather than hinder, the formation of good mental spaces—which makes it all the more enjoyable.


Finally, make yourself stand out

First impressions last! Below are some points to remember when creating an eye-catching and winning Bumble profile: 

  1. Use an updated photo of yourself. Be proud! Displaying your authentic self can trigger the genuine interest of others
  2. Show them what life would be like if they choose to be part of yours by vamping up your highlight reel
  3. Top it off with a solid bio. Use Bumble badges to easily share your interests, like “Cafe-hopping,” “Video games,” “Anime” and so much more



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This 2023, take charge of your (dating) life! Enjoy the adventure, keep these online dating tips and mind and know that Bumble is always here to help. May this be the year you date, meet and Bumble better.



Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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