The OPPO Enco Air3 Has That Super (Punchy) Bass

The OPPO Enco Air3 Has That Super (Punchy) Bass

OPPO Enco Air3 review: enjoying premium features doesn’t need to break the bank



If there’s one misconception about the hunt for the best audio devices, it’s breaking the bank. Many affordable earbuds exist in which listening experiences transport you front row at a concert, a recording studio session or within the depths of your favorite album. In the case of the OPPO Enco Air3, using it gives off major boom box vibes in the best way possible. And we’re not complaining.


Best for people of different ages, priorities and walks of life, the OPPO Enco Air3 works well for audiophiles, gamers, students and professionals who need to jump between work and play. Optimized touch interactions and a semi-in ear construction offer a comfortable and easy device to use on the go.



Up ahead, we bring you a review of the OPPO Enco Air3 True Wireless Earbuds.


The device

OPPO upgrades the Enco Air3 design with a larger translucent top lid that opens at a 110-degree angle. This allows users to pop the buds in and out of the charging case, removing the effort of inserting and retrieving them from narrower ports. Meanwhile, the brand retains its predecessor’s semi-in-ear shape, letting the device sit comfortably in your ears. The rounded stem extends downward with a translucent teardrop at the bottom, with the top part acting as the sensor for Optimized Touch Controls. The case fits right in the palm, making it compact enough to store in even the smallest bags.


Customizing the earbuds according to my lifestyle also comes with ease. As a non-OPPO device user, I had to customize my Optimized Touch Controls through the HeyMelody App, but OPPO users can definitely go straight to their settings. My preferred controls are straightforward: single tap to pause or play, double tap to change songs, three taps to activate Game Mode and lastly, tap and hold to increase or decrease the volume. All these controls can be activated hands-free and conveniently, so I wouldn’t need to tinker with my source device to do what I want. Plus, getting the hang of all the controls comes with ease after a few hours.


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The sound

Spatial audio features are always a godsend because they make you appreciate the little things: enveloping yourself in a good game well-played or a song with impeccable production. OPPO Alive Audio is the brand’s self-developed algorithm, where the sound comes from different directions for the best immersive experience. The OPPO Enco Air3 also employs Cadence Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP, giving consistent sounds while optimizing power consumption. So whether it’s cozying up for a The Last of Us watch sesh, fully digesting the different layers to BTS Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt. 2 or hearing the bells of XG’s Shooting Star a lot better, these OPPO earbuds delivered.


Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol and a low latency of 94ms, the Enco Air3 provides a stable and smooth connection with zero interruptions. The latency goes down to 47ms when Game Mode is activated, which is best for gaming. In addition, OPPO Enco Air3 comes with a DNN-based noise cancellation function for calls, where it dynamically detects and separates human voices from background noise in real-time. So I didn’t have to worry about finding an ultra-quiet spot for a conversation.


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The experience

My playlists mainly consist of hip-hop, R&B and pop, so the OPPO Enco Air3’s driver units and independent bass chamber highlight the punchy beats. Immediately, this makes the pair perfectly match my preferences. Heart-thumping and hype-inducing tracks fuel my long work sessions, all supported by the OPPO Enco Air3’s six-hour battery life (25 hours if we count the charging case). Despite the lightweight and compact look, the Enco Air3s are far from flimsy. This pair can withstand sweat, a bit of water and dirt as it boasts a dust and water resistance grade of IP54.


While this didn’t affect my verdict much, it might be a dealbreaker for others. My only gripe with the device is the lack of a USB-C charger, as it doesn’t come with the box. A short cable would’ve been highly appreciated, especially since this counts as my first intro to an OPPO device. But I’m willing to let it go, especially since the OPPO Enco Air3 provides a better listening experience.


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Overall, the OPPO Enco Air3 sits high on my list of audio devices, especially with premium features and a price point of only P3,999. It’s the perfect fit, easy to use and even stylish in color. I’ve found myself reaching for it more often than my over-ear headphones or wired pairs, especially with the ease it provides for when I’m on the go. 



Get your hands on the OPPO Enco Air3 and its punchy bass through Shopee and Lazada.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 

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