I Finally Found a Phone That Has Me Considering the Android Life

I Finally Found a Phone That Has Me Considering the Android Life

Oppo’s latest smartphone drop has got me thinking



I got my first iPhone sometime between 2011 and 2012. While I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a flag-waver of Apple products, my smartphone history tells me that I’m pretty close to crossing the border separating loyalist and casual user. Since my first (a third-hand 3GS whose memory capacity I abused to no end), I’ve been more committed to iPhones than I have been to any relationship: never quite purchasing a new model, but always coercing my parents to so they could pass their devices along to my little sister and I.


This is my smartphone-scavenging way of life. Or at least, it was. A few years and several life stages later, I find I’m going through a critical shift.


Due to a number of reasons (the ever-rising price point of the iPhone being one and the dismal state of my current smartphone being another), I’ve started considering another prospect: the Oppo F11 Pro. Retailing at P18,990, it’s one of the newest android phones on the block—so new, in fact, that pre-orders are still ongoing as of time of writing.



First thing’s first: that camera. The F11 Pro’s rear camera is what piqued my interest the most. At 48 megapixels, you can expect crisp photo quality and superior video capability, but they add a little extra pizzazz with two Oppo-exclusive technologies: Ultra Night Mode which is supposed to take care of noise reduction and low light conditions like a dream and Dazzle Color Mode, which takes away the need for an extra VSCO touch-up.


It also answers to the rather embarrassing selfie addiction I’ve self-diagnosed myself with since changing my hair color––in a pretty amusing way, at that. The front camera is hidden and rises from the top of the phone’s border on command. I mean, if that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve got a state of the art robotic device in my back pocket, what will? It’s a good match for my perpetually slippery hands, too, since the phone employs some sort of gravity-sensitive technology to discern when it’s been dropped and is mid-pummel to the ground. Before the phone hits the floor, the front camera will have retracted safely.


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And then there’s the battery life. I’ve been a total stranger to Oppo up until this point, so I’ve only just discovered VOOC. In a nutshell, it’s a flash-charging technology that has been introduced in previous F series models and made better with its third iteration in the F11 Pro. Charging the device to its full capacity takes only 80 minutes and can last through 15.5 hours of usage, 12 hours of videos or 5 and a half hours of gaming––all of which sounds pretty agreeable considering how my current phone battery acts like it’s in a marathon and 1% is the finish line.


The last thing I like has little to do with the phone itself, but the promise Oppo makes to its customers. There are 23 service centers in the country and 30 concept stores which offer customer service to all Oppo users. With one-hour flash fixes and a supposed 98% success rate for repairs, I wouldn’t mind shelling out to get my phone tinkered with––but get this: they don’t even ask for service charge. Like any 21st century enterprise, they’ve got an app to make things nice and easy, too.


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Will I be making the switch to Android, then? I’m the type to sit on my tech decisions for a while before signing off to commitment, so it’s a little too early to make a declaration for certain. But hey, if I do decide on it, I know the Oppo F11 Pro gives me good reason to.



Art Alexandra Lara

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