It’s Planner-Buying Season, So We Found the Best Ones

It’s Planner-Buying Season, So We Found the Best Ones

Because we all need a little help getting our lives in order after 2020

My daily Instagram Stories tap-through brought something amusing to my attention last night. A friend of mine, fresh out of college and ready to take on the working world in the first quarter of 2020, posted a clip of herself flipping through her 2020 Starbucks planner. In uppercase, the clip was captioned “The most useless purchase of the year.”

On the flip side are my beat-up planner and I. Decorated with battle scars that tell the rocky tale of my office life to work-from-home transition, my planner has been the single thread of sanity affording me a semblance of inner peace this year. I've always been the type to use my planner up until June and ditch it in favor of post-its or loose leaves, but alas, it seems not even my work habits are coming out of 2020 unchanged.

Regardless of where you fall on the planner usage spectrum, one thing's for certain: we all want something better out of the year to come. No matter what that looks like for you—well-deserved trips abroad, a brave new venture or a shot at work-life balance—you're gonna need a good planner by your side.

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The Good Intentions Journal by Milk Press

Wonder’s December cover gal, Rain Matienzo, said it best: “We depend too much on the idea of a new beginning that’s a new year or a new month, but you have to create these opportunities. You create a clean state of your own.” But we can’t deny that we’re still looking towards 2021 like it’s a shining beacon of hope. What other option do we have, considering the whirlwind 2020 has been?

Images via Milk Press

Milk Press’ Good Intentions Journal has enough optimism to last us an entire year. With colorful monthly spreads, habit trackers and spaces to list intentions each week, it’s the boost of motivation to work towards the dreams 2020 put on hold. 

Classic and Slims Planners by The Everyday

Undated planners aren’t for everybody, but this one by The Everyday (P495 for Everyday Slims, P750 for Everyday Classic) changed me. It looked great on ‘the gram, sure, but this planner was the very first I’ve owned that actually stuck with me all year ‘round.

With all the necessary spreads (expense and income trackers, monthly and weekly spreads and a dedicated section for notes) and no printed dates, using this planner felt like being in a comfortable, committed relationship. No forcefulness to accept how fast time was moving or just how long I’d been indoors. This planner saw me fall in and out of love with work and use two days’ worth of space for a particularly hectic Monday simply because I could. I’ve found that with dateless planners, your time is really, truly yours. 


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2021 Planner by Muji

Muji continues its years-long streak of making things I can’t help but want. A minimalist’s dream, their 2021 Monthly/Weekly Planner (P545) is what I imagine a journal would look like after Marie Kondo has a go at it. Intentionally serving the bare minimum in two colorways, it puts a premium on two of the things that matter most: functionality, and pages thick enough to keep gel pens from bleeding through. 

It’s Planner-Buying Season, So We Found the Best Ones
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Alamat Dream Board Planner by Jacinto & Lirio 

Jacinto & Lirio’s take on a 2021 planner is less of a journal and more of a go-getter’s all-around starter pack. With open-date sheets for each month, a built-in corkboard and a handmade, vegan leather exterior, the Alamat Dream Board Planner (P1443) is the companion you’ll want to have closeby while planning that dream vacation or when that big business idea strikes.


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Portable Notebook Planner by imoda

Who doesn’t love a good steal? At P189, imoda’s 2021 Portable Notebook Planner is easily the most cost-friendly option on the list. Like Muji’s no-nonsense journal, this planner sticks to the bare necessities: weekly spreads, a monthly outlook, a yearly plan. Measuring just a little larger than 5 by 7 inches, it’s conveniently sized, too. Speaking of convenience: the waterproof sleeve is an obvious bonus.

It’s Planner-Buying Season, So We Found the Best Ones
Image via imoda

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Which planner are you committing to next year? If it isn't on the list, drop a link in the comments!

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