How To Get & What You’ll Get From pandapro Dine-In

How To Get & What You’ll Get From pandapro Dine-In

pandapro dine-in is taking things up a notch



We’re all looking for experiences to call our own—and there’s no shortage of options, we’ll give the world that. But how do you decide which ones are worth your time? You get yourself the best deals and you leverage on avenues like pandapro dine-in, of course.


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pandapro dine-in is part of foodpanda’s rewards programs. Think exclusive access to dine-in discounts and exciting events. So while some restaurants give you access to deals within their family, it’s likely you’ll be able to get more variety this way. Although, it's important to note that, right now, it’s only currently available in Manila, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.


According to Rommel Rico, foodpanda Philippines’ Marketing Director, the company is “really about establishing connections and delivering experiences.” So while they’ve made a name for themselves by bringing restaurants to our doorsteps, they’re bringing things a step further by making dine-in experiences better, and adding exclusive event access, too.


One such event was a block screening held on June 9 for Thor: Love and Thunder, which followed a brunch in Basil, One Bonifacio High Street Mall. Basil, which serves modern Thai cuisine, is a partner restaurant of pandapro dine-in, and allows subscribers up to 25% flexibility. In addition, participants also had a chance to win all-expense paid trips, shopping sprees and more.


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So, how exactly do you get pandapro dine-in? Just follow the five steps below, and you’re in!


  1. Open your foodpanda app and ensure you’re subscribed to pandapro (if you aren’t, just update your app, go to your profile and click “become a pro”)
  2. Click on the “dine-in” tile
  3. Search and select the restraint you’re dining in
  4. Confirm with the restaurant staff before you swipe to redeem your offer and order
  5. Enjoy!



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But what exactly is up next? Well, another block screening for Thor: Love and Thunder on July 16 and the BHS Cinema 2 at 12 noon, 3PM, 5PM and 8PM. So sign up now and get your chance to be one of the lucky pandapro dine-in subscribers!



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