How Are You Spending Valentine’s Day This Year?

How Are You Spending Valentine’s Day This Year?

What does Valentine’s Day look like in the time of the pandemic?



It’s a strange kind of milestone, ringing in a full year of your relationship surviving the pitfalls of long-distance. My boyfriend and I unlocked that achievement just this week. A month and a week before the Philippines went into ECQ, we found ourselves waving goodbye at the airport just two days after making it ~official~. 


Come March, every other couple forcibly found themselves in our position.


It goes without saying: LDRs—whether they’re long-distance or locked-down—are tough. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from surviving (and to a certain extent, thriving) 10,681 away from my SO, it’s that small celebrations are the best kind there are. I’d like to think that it’s a love lesson that the rest of the world learned throughout quarantine, too.


Sometimes a milestone looks like cooking instant noodles over Facetime, or simply bonding over crime documentaries on Netflix. A birthday might look like five hours on video call because there’s no other way to fill that love-shaped void in your system. Love might look like a face on a screen or a body to hug kept at a meter’s distance, but for what it’s worth, we’ll take what we can.


Ahead, some of Wonder’s friends give us ideas. Here’s what your first (and hopefully only) Valentine’s Day during the pandemic could look like. 


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Food is a Love Language

Taking to Instagram to ask how people are spending their V-day weekend brought me a little kilig and a lot of hunger. “Cooking for the two of us! [We] don’t want to go out because it’s still scary,” one response said. “Having a nice, simple dinner,” said another. Whether it’s pancit canton or sushi delivery on your plates, it seems nothing quite expresses love like a good ol’ meal.


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Florals? Still Groundbreaking.

No matter what Miranda Priestly might have told you, yes, flowers still do hit hard (when thoughtfully given as gifts, that is). We’ve been taking some major inspiration from the florist side of Instagram and our very own February cover, so why not send a bouquet your lover’s way?



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Just Another Sunday

“She’s just another Sunday to me,” says a friend of mine—the she in question being Valentine’s day, of course. While she quickly follows up with a “Halatang walang jowa (I obviously don’t have a significant other),” and a string of haha’s, self-love is just as valid as any other kind of Valentine’s romance. Another weekend of sleeping in, sticking your nose in a book or watching Attack on Titan for the 24th time never hurt anybody!


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How Are You Spending Valentine's Day This Year?

How Are You Spending Valentine's Day This Year?


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