Meet Petpal, The Healthcare Platform for Your Beloved Animal Companions


July 25, 2023
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Pet healthcare upgraded for the modern hooman



Every owner knows the unsettling feeling when our beloved part-of-the-family pet acts differently. We panic when they lose their appetite or suddenly limp out of the blue. And while we wish we could drop everything and bring them to the closest vet, other obligations and factors can get in the way. But if there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s the possibility that things can still happen at a distance. If human innovations allowed us to consult doctors over the Internet, who’s to say we can’t have the same for vets? Well, PetPal exists to help bridge that gap by innovating pet healthcare.



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Led by 971Ventures, PetPal aims to make pet healthcare a lot more convenient for fur parents who are on the go. Easily book, connect and consult with licensed and accredited vets and other services, so that time spent in line will be the least of your worries. Equipped with the Pet Pawrtal, the platform’s digital pet booklet, owners and hoomans can keep track of their babies’ healthcare journey with PetPal.


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No transportation? No problem!


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Pet owners know how trips to the vet or groomer can get overwhelming and busy for the people involved. On yourself, because transporting our animal companions from one place to another can often be a herculean effort—especially if you’re only taking public transportation. On the other hand, animals also feel stress when placed in new and unfamiliar environments, which might worsen the symptoms that they’re feeling. At least with PetPal, owners can choose how to get their furry babies checked depending on their needs and budget. A Teleconsultation session, priced at P500, comes with a free follow-up consultation. Meanwhile, Metro Manila, Cebu City and Davao City owners can also book a Home Vet Visit, starting at P1,200 for each session.


Apart from vet trips, pet owners know the worry when we send our babies off for grooming. Lucky are those who have found go-to groomers they trust, but we all know the small bouts of concern when we drop them off. Are they being treated well? Is the groomer handling them with care? At least with the Home Grooming Visit, which starts at P750 for dogs and cats of all sizes, Metro Manila-based owners can keep a watchful eye on their beloved pets.


Save more with PetPal Club


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For only P2,499 a year, the PetPal Club subscription can help owners save up to P30,000 with the brand’s partner vets and brands. Many discounts and savings await, especially when shopping for pet essentials from Pet Warehouse, Kott’s, Petto Beddo, Snug Club, Fresh Chow and much more! This subscription works best for busy pet parents and large pet families, as users can register up to two pets and avail of more subscriptions to cover more of their babies.


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Begin your journey with PetPal by booking an appointment or exploring the official website. For more information, follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.



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