A Wanderlust Hotlist: Here Are the Places People Can’t Wait to See in 2019

A Wanderlust Hotlist: Here Are the Places People Can’t Wait to See in 2019


January 25, 2019
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Bitten by the travel bug and off to the next adventure (the question is: where?)



The year is 2019 and there’s still such a lot of world to see. Part of gearing up for what’s ahead in the new year, of course, is plotting a getaway or two, saving those vacation leaves and mentally whipping out a map of the world to answer: “where to next?”


It could be a vacation spot that recently began to gain traction or one that’s been an “it” destination for some time now. It could be an unassuming corner of the globe with adventure written all over it; perhaps it’s another bustling city in a foreign country––comfortable yet unfamiliar.


In the quest for answers, one thing is clear: there are far too many idyllic places to see in 2019 (and if schedules and bank accounts were non-issues, we’d pack a bag, book those flights and go). We decided to look to some well-traveled folks and friends, no strangers to immersing themselves in experience when travelling, for a little inspiration and insight. Featuring items on their personal travel lists, ahead, these wanderlust-struck idols make a case for some places to see in 2019.



Who: Kimi Juan-Caja

What: Travel Photographer

Where: Morocco and Turkey

Why: There have been a lot of places [on] my radar, but my husband and I have always wanted to experience the desert, so we’d definitely love to go to Morocco to visit the Sahara. Turkey is something we’d also love to go to so we could see Cappadocia and the hot air balloons. ?


via @aguztinus on Instagram


Who: Renée de Guzman

What: Fashion & Travel Blogger

Where: Palawan, Siargao, London and Korea

Why: Locally, I hope I get to visit Palawan and Siargao because I’ve heard so much about these locations from my friends and family. Internationally, I hope I get to London and Korea! London, of course, I can’t wait to experience the culture, the fashion and food. Hopefully, a place I can settle in for a few months! Korea, I’d love to see the sights and the fashion there too! I also [want to] try their hanbok and go around with it. ?


via @thomito12 on Instagram


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Who: JL Crespo

What: Stylist

Where: Korea, Japan and Vietnam

Why: Other than Korea and Japan (which have been on my travel list for YEARS) my friends and I are planning to go to Vietnam this 2019! Heard from a friend who frequents there that the vibe and food are amazing! I’ve yet to research all the places that we want to visit but we have our eye on The Café Apartment. If you’re not familiar, it’s a whole building filled with different restaurants and cafés in different floor all in one building––so unique and so pretty! Gotta visit it for the Gram, LOL. ?


via @jeremy_ong168 on Instagram


Who: Jilson Tiu

What: Photojournalist

Where: Taiwan

Why: I really want to explore other cities in other countries, so I’m looking forward to experiencing Chinese New Year in Taiwan. That’s my upcoming trip. I want to explore my roots and see how they really celebrate Chinese New Year [there].


via @nicholasku_ on Instagram


Who: Janine Gutierrez

What: Actress and WWF National Youth Ambassador

Where: New York

Why: I’m planning a trip to NY in spring! It’ll be my first time! I’m going for one of my best friend’s Columbia graduation and I can’t wait to go around as well. I’d love to watch a Broadway play, maybe catch the Governors Ball and see all the historic architecture. ?


via @govballnyc on Instagram


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Regardless of what fuels your wanderlust––culture, cuisine, history, unique forms of recreation––an adventure to remember awaits. Why not consider destinations mentioned here, to start?


In your book, what are the places to see in 2019? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know!



Art Alexandra Lara

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