The Sexy time Podcast by Isabelle and Ava Daza Answers All Your Questions About Sex

The Sexy time Podcast by Isabelle and Ava Daza Answers All Your Questions About Sex

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The reality of Sexy time has been portrayed as wicked, especially in a conservative culture like ours. Sexual health advocates, on the other hand, have been fighting the good fight by confronting the deeply rooted stigma and misconceptions behind sex, sexuality, and pleasure. For sisters Isabelle and Ava Daza, they’re reclaiming the idea of pleasure and sexual wellness, one podcast episode at a time. 


Tune in to The Sexy time Podcast, a safe space where the Daza sisters try to overcome the taboo surrounding pleasure, with guests like Gloria Diaz, BJ Pascual, Say Tioco, and more. And with topics like HIV/AIDS, virginity, and consent, you’ll surely end up being more informed. Don’t know where to begin? Here are essential episodes to start with: 


Sexy time with Our mom, Gloria Diaz

Firstly, Isabelle and Ava share the stage with their mother, Gloria Diaz, about topics like mindful sex, how the perception of sex has changed over time, and all the “awkward” topics you’d never imagine discussing openly with your mom. 



Sexy time sex Toys 101 (with Say Tioco)

Sexual education advocate and content creator, Say Tioco, talks about the life-changing benefit of using sex toys, for both solo play and with your partner.  



Consent (with Amina Swanepoel) 

Furthermore, PSA: Consent should be clear, specific, and clearly given. Learn more about the intricacies of consent with Amina Swanepoel of Roots of Health. Learn more about how we can do our part and create a culture that encourages it. 



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Sex Problems with (Dr. Rica Cruz) 

In addition, Join in as the Daza sisters tackle the most common sex issues of couples in the bedroom with Unprude founder and sex & relationships therapist, Dr. Rica Cruz.



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Sexy time virginity (with Ana P. Santos) 

Belle and Ava talk to Ana P. Santos, sexual health advocate, founder of and multimedia journalist, to unpack what virginity means to people, and how it affects the way we perceive sex.  



HIV/AIDS (with Danvic Rosadiño)

The Daza sisters talk to Danvic Rosadiño of LoveYourself, Inc. to know more about and destigmatize society's view on HIV/AIDS. Take this as a reminder to get yourself tested and know your status!




What podcasts do you regularly listen to that discuss sexual health and wellness? We’d love to hear from you! Drop your recommendations in the comments below. 



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