Here Are Pro Tips Before Meeting Your Tinder Date in Person

Here Are Pro Tips Before Meeting Your Tinder Date in Person

Is it finally time for that IRL Tinder date?



Let’s face it, having a first date is daunting, and even more so when you’re meeting someone from a dating app. We’ve heard way too many online dating horror stories to simply be reckless. But if we’re being completely honest, there’s also something so thrilling about the possibility of everything working out on a Tinder date.


After days and nights of talking non-stop, you’re finally set for a one-on-one IRL. From getting over the first date jitters to feeling that initial physical attraction in-person, and eventually getting along with your date (maybe even having inside jokes!)—it’s quite an experience.


Mastering the art of dating might not be rocket science, but navigating through it is a challenge nonetheless, especially since the past two years had us perfect video calls. While we can’t exactly predict how a first date is going to go, there are some things within our control.


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Make a profile that hits different

…provided you have a detailed and fleshed out bio. This allows a potential date to see what you like and dislike. Feel free to add your favorite music to your profile as an effective conversation starter and a great way to bond!


Give them a sneak peek of your vibe and personality by adding your interests. But there are so many to choose from, so where do you start? Be honest: what are you truly passionate about? There’s one thing that works really well when it comes to dating, and that’s being your authentic self.



Let your real self shine

You’ve recently matched with someone and the conversations are going well. You’re even thinking of meeting up, but you're not fully convinced if they’re who they claim to be. You’re trying to be cautious about being catfished. Good thing dating apps such as Tinder have  effective features that can make users feel more safe and comfortable.



The photo verification feature is one way that can make your profile seem more authentic. Be sure to make your profile look legit but avoid adding personal information like your phone number or email!


Open with a bang, not with a whimper

Coming up with an opening line can sometimes be intimidating. Nothing kills a conversation like saying something as unimaginative as “hey” or “hello.”


Take a cue from their bio; look at their pictures to decode their vibe. Customize a line for every match, and you’ll be surprised at how greatly it can be perceived by a potential Tinder date. For the always-on-the-go consumed by wanderlust, maybe use something along the lines of: “Judging from your pictures, it looks like you’ve been everywhere. What’s your favorite city and country?” Talking about a trending show on Netflix is also an ice breaker (see: Stranger Things), then ask for a new reco!


URL before you go IRL

The face-to-face video calling feature on Tinder is a godsend! Trust us, getting on a quick video call can potentially give you a clearer idea of who your match is. It’ll also help both parties spot any potential red flags This allows for a more intimate conversation, too, than just messaging each other back-and-forth.


The best part? The video feature on Tinder can only be enabled once both people in a conversation mutually agree to the video call, so it’s absolutely in your control, and there’s no way you’ll get unsolicited video calls. This also makes sure you talk to one another, when both of you are actually ready to!


Go the extra mile

So, your virtual date was a success! Now, what’s step two? Finding the perfect first date spot can be a bit tricky. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the place should be public and easily accessible for both parties. So, find a middle-ground (quite literally!) and see what works for the both of you.


Also, no need to suggest places that break the bank! If you and your date have a taste for something unique for your IRL meet, here are some affor-dates to keep in mind. Today’s breed of young adult Pinoy daters are into simpler dates—so there’s absolutely no pressure to do something fancy!



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Bring in the main character vibes

Goes without saying, but there’s nothing sexier than someone who’s upfront, honest and unapologetic about their boundaries and principles. Daters have become more fluid in terms of expectations (let’s see where it goes ), emotions (honest and authentic) and experiences (even if it’s a date first). Let’s not forget the new #essential is personal boundaries.


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According to Tinder’s Future of Dating report, during the pandemic, the usage of the term “consent” rose 11%, and “boundaries” is being used more than ever (up by 19%)! So have an unfiltered conversation with your Tinder date about what you like, what you do not like, and set clear boundaries, which will not only make it a comfortable experience for you, but for them as well!



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