Purchase Behavior According To Age: How Do The Generations Differ?

Purchase Behavior According To Age: How Do The Generations Differ?

Let’s divide everyone based on general purchase behavior preferences



Say what you will about unity and acceptance between the generations, but you can’t deny that there are particular differences between them. A millennial will not come across a piece of information the same way that a baby boomer will—and neither will they buy based on the same preferences and behavior.


Just think about you and your mother or father or tito or tita and the relationship that you have with them. If you all shared the same personalities, wouldn’t you get along a little better? Wouldn’t family reunions be less dramatic (yet also a little less entertaining)?


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The point is that we grew up in different environments with different priorities and different societal standards—and these have shaped us in ways that family traditions just haven’t been able to silence or overpower. Today’s case in point is everyone’s purchase behavior: how they shop, what makes them shop and what keeps them coming back.


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Contrary to popular belief, millennials don’t spend all their shopping time online, making virtual checkouts with their virtual shopping baskets and trying to take advantage of the shipping fee. Sure, they have their moments and they love their social media, but on-ground stores are still very much a thing.


The purchase behavior that millennials have strongly above older generations is that they do their research; only an incremental percentage of them still believe in traditional marketing. They listen to their peers who have first-hand experiences, they read reviews and blogs on the item they’re eyeing and only 20 percent of the make a purchase without getting information first.



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Generation X-ers

Sometimes called the “middle child” of the generations, those who belong to generation X precede baby boomers and come before the millennials. Much like their younger siblings, gen X individuals grew up skeptical of their purchases and can’t be swayed by fancy marketing tactics. They do their due, research on what they’re purchasing online and make personal visits on-ground to test the products they’re considering.


And while this may seem odd to some, it turns out email is the best way to reach those born under the gen X umbrella.


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Baby Boomers

Ah, the infamous baby boomers. The younger society hates on them for their supposed lack of empathy and inability to welcome change, but we’re not here to cast any shade; we’re here to talk purchase behavior. So let’s stick to the facts!


Above all else—price, ease of use, effectivity, practicality—baby boomers will prioritize convenience and customer service. If they feel they are being treated just and fair, they’re good. And who can blame them for not going through the drudgery of research and testing when they have the most disposable income of all the generations?



Did our research get you right? Did we hit the nail in the head? Or did we just solidify the idea that you were actually born into the wrong generation? At the very least, maybe you’ll be able to better sway different-aged friends and family to buy a little something-something when needed.



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