Quarantine Challenges to Keep You Sane

Quarantine Challenges to Keep You Sane

Channel your creativity through these viral challenges 



With the announcement of the extension of Metro Manila's enhanced community quarantine until mid-May, one may be at his or her wit’s end trying to figure out what else to do inside the house.


When the latest releases on Netflix and Amazon Primetrust me, it’s worth a subscription!—no longer feel appealing or scrolling through one’s feed and revisiting memories of old seems monotonous, maybe a quarantine challenge for the month ahead? These prompts are worth exploring especially when you’ve perfected your Dalgona Coffee, Zoom etiquette and TiKTok challenges. 

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Channel your creativity by recreating your favorite book covers. The New York Public Library created #BookCoverDouble for literary enthusiasts everywhere. Follow Thom Stead of Read Books, Serve Looks for inspiration. 



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Stay Home Film Challenge

Great Big Story, an online video resource devoted to cinematic storytelling, aims to connect the world one story at a time. The team behind the award-winning global media company is holding a 60-second film challenge specifically during this period of quarantine. Filmmakers, animators and illustratorswhether beginners, enthusiasts or professionals—are welcome to join. Submit any video genre made from the safety and comfort of your own home, as long as its a minute long!



The Isolation Journals

The Isolation Journals highlights “one creative act a day alone, together” to make sense of challenging times. The free 30-day creativity project is guided by a collective of creatives from different industries like Ann Patchett, Lizzie Presser and Maggie Rogers. Connect with a community and sign up for the newsletter to receive daily prompts.



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Scroll through #TheIsolationJournals


At Home Fitness Challenges

The World Health Organization recommends “150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both.” This can be achieved even at home without special equipment. This can be done through taking short, active breaks during the day, walking, meditating or taking online classes.



If all else fails, make your own personal challenge like purging your phone (or closet), catching up on your to-read pile. Just a friendly reminder that during this period, it's okay to be productive and it's okay not to be! 


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