Why It’s More Fun North of Metro Manila a.k.a Quezon City

Why It’s More Fun North of Metro Manila a.k.a Quezon City

Quezon City-zens tell you why QC is the place to be



A while back I was in a band that got asked to play at a club called “Embassy.” On the night of the gig, we were so happy to see half of the club filled with familiar faces—friends who came out to support us and show The Fort what “QC represent!” means. For days after that, in spiels on stage, I would inject the story of how fun it was to “invade” the place and thank those who came because they made the night “QC-1, Embassy-0.”



RIP Embassy, Hello Valykyrie. Photo via Cat Arambulo-Antonio


There really is no competition except that, I think, QC people are really proud of their city and their attitude. Where else can you find a blend of urban development, a suburban sort of lifestyle, and the existence of open spaces for trees and wildlife? As Carla, a friend, puts it, “Off hand, Quezon City does not feel cramped. It has a good mix of trees and concrete. I can hardly breathe in Makati as everything is cement. You almost always live in a condo unit. In Quezon City, you see trees and soil, a breathing room. [plus]…the best schools are here!”


Another friend, Cara, says that, “I think it's fun in QC because of the abundance of options (in so many terms, leisure and entertainment, for instance). Not to say that there are limited alternatives elsewhere but there are enough choices here to keep me from wanting to get out of the city all the time. Very important, too, is the fact that you can go out and have a pretty good time without necessarily burning a hole in your pocket—there are inexpensive options pretty much everywhere. Also, I don't know why it is exactly but people here seem a lot more laid back to me. Noticeably more relaxing to be around somehow.” Summed up, here’s what friends Andy and Reg have to say, respectively, “Mura ang beerz [sic]” and “City of the Stars.”


It’s also a place where time seems to have stopped—in all decades. Jowee says, “You can go into an 80s, 90s and 2000ish bar if you know the right spots in QC. Same goes for the crowd—from baby boomers to millennials, you can try to fit in (or stand out) without trying too hard.” More people sound in. For Justin, it’s exactly these right spots in QC that make the city fun, “Because 77. Big Sky.” Ken loves it because it’s a foodie’s haven—for him, “Maginhawa…became the template of other food avenues in the Metro, like Kapitolyo and Lilac.”


It’s also a home for live music. Places like Route 196 along Katipunan Ave. provide a venue for established and budding musicians alike. Here, the music community thrives whatever the climate or the economy—after all, “OPM lives here.”



“Play with heart, drink with care.” Via YouTube


For these reasons, it will always be more fun in QC. It may not be as sophisticated as BGC or as bustling like Makati but it has its charm. It’s a place where, as 77 Bar and Resto perfectly captures it, “the beer is cold and the people are not…beer.”



Words Ene Lagunzad

Art Alexandra Lara


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