Realme 3 Pro: Here Comes a New Challenger

Realme 3 Pro: Here Comes a New Challenger

The mid-range smartphone market is shaking thanks to the Realme 3 Pro



The smartphone market is largely dominated by tech giants Samsung and Apple; their flagship phones usually costing more than a pretty penny. And as the years go by and they unveil new features, the prices seem to go up at the same time. This leaves many who can’t afford these premium phones—leaving a clear-cut opportunity for other companies.


In recent years, many companies have decided to play on a different level by bringing smartphones to the market at a fraction of the cost. As such, brands like Vivo, Huawei and Oppo are currently dominating the entry and mid-range smartphone market.


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While these brands have already planted their stake in the Philippine market, Realme—a new player that’s barely a year old—has been able to make a name for itself. This is in thanks largely to their Realme C1, aptly named the #RealEntryLevelKing, released back in May 2018.


Just a year after their debut, Realme held a launch event for their new series, the Realme 3 Pro. With the #RealGamingPro, their new release is designed and engineered to give users the best gaming experience on a smartphone.


The Heart and Soul of a Gamer



The Realme 3 pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 710, the first 10nm architecture outside the 8 or 9 series market. This new processor is able to significantly accelerate the performances of the phone, including many of the AI-based applications. This in turn optimizes the load to deliver power efficiency for the perfect gaming smartphone experience.


If that wasn’t enough, the Realme 3 Pro also features an Adreno 616 GPU in order to enhance and accelerate real-time 3D rendering for games. Simply put, popular games such as Mobile Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Asphalt 9 run smoother and more beautifully. All this while making sure your phone has enough power to run your applications throughout your day. Unlimited power—well, okay, not exactly.




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The Realme 3 Pro is equipped with a 4045mAh battery, which is not something to scoff at. This allows user to enjoy hours of gaming without worrying about having their phone run out of charge in the middle of a gunfight on their daily commute. However, we also know how relentless gamers can be.


If they are somehow able to deplete their battery before the day ends, the Realme 3 Pro features the new VOOC Flash Charge 3.0. This new quick charging technology can charge the phone to 50 percent in just 30 minutes and a full charge in 80 minutes. Additionally, the VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 has a temperature regulating feature that makes sure to keep your phone cooler as compared to other conventional quick charging methods.


However, the Reame Pro 3 is, unfortunately, still being powered by a micro-USB port. With USB-C now becoming the standard, it’s curious that the brand decided to stick with a rather archaic method. Personally, I believe everything should be USB-C.


Smart, Powerful and Efficient

All of this hardware seems pointless if the technology can’t be put into good use. The Realme 3 Pro runs on ColorOS  6.0 based on Android 9.0 (codename: Pie), which is optimized and learns from its user’s habits and tailor fixes their experience to their liking. What stood out the most though, were the features that maximize the gaming capabilities of the device. Dubbed HyperBoost, it’s a feature that fine tunes gaming performance in real-time in order to improve gameplay by utilizing the following:

  1. TouchBoost, a technology that uses the powerful Snapdragon 710 to reduce input response time. The phone touts a 24 percent decrease in input latency, which means that each press of a button on the screen registers (theoretically) faster than opponent.
  2. Frameboost, which utilizes the Ardeno 616 GPU alongside the Snapdragon 710 and delivers a more satisfactory gameplay experience by boosting stabilizing framerate, promising an increase of 38 percent. This gives players a smoother, livelier gameplay.


Put together, the Realme 3 Pro promises smooth, snappy and an overall enjoyable gaming experience for all, regardless of their gaming preferences.




Beautiful On The Outside As It Is Inside

Inspired by Le-Mans speedway—where speed became legend—the unique S-curve pattern in a gradient finish is a refreshing take on a minimalistic design, giving the phone an elegant yet vibrant feel. Featuring a 6.3” full-screen display with a dewdrop camera design, the Realme 3 Pro touts a 90.8 percent screen-body ratio, protected by Gorilla® Glass 5 and is available in 3 colour variants: Lightning Purple, Nitro Blue and Carbon Grey. Personally, I’d go for the Lightning Purple.




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AI-Powered Sight

The Realme 3 Pro isn’t made just for gaming on the fly. Being able to capture memories as well as it makes them, the unit houses a 16MP+5MP dual camera setup supported by Sony IMX 519 sensors and a 25MP selfie camera, which sits pretty on top of the phone’s dewdrop design. Once again, capitalizing on the phone’s powerful processors, each snapshot taken by the cameras is run by an AI, which simultaneously takes 16 pictures and combines each scene to render over 100 combinations. From here, it selects the best one for the shot, creating vibrant and lively photos.


Perhaps one of the best uses of the camera for you night owls out there would be the Super Nightscape mode. Using the AI powered Cameras, the Realme 3 Pro can capture dazzling panoramic shots of the night with just a push of a button.




Not forgetting the Insta-generation, the Realme 3 Pro also has the Chroma Boost mode. This was designed to make colors pop and improve dynamic range for better light-balanced pictures; perfect for travelling and taking pictures of your favorite food.




One thing that took me by surprise was that the Realme 3 Pro doesn’t just take great photos, it also features a 960FPS slow motion camera. As the only one in its class to feature slow motion video capture, Realme was able to showcase how smooth it is. Something I personally will have fun playing with.


They Weren’t Kidding with Efficiency

With all the technology that Realme has thrown into the #RealGamingPro, with both hardware and software working hand in hand to level up the experience for everyone, it’s a refreshing entry to the plethora of phones in the mid-rage segment. The Realme 3 pro focuses on 3 main points: Gaming, Photgraphy and Value.





The Realme 3 Pro will be available in the Philippine market starting May 25. Get your hands on their two options—4GB RAM + 64GB memory at P12,900 or 6GB RAM and 128GB memory for P14,900—at Realme kiosks and partner stores such as MemoXpress, PC Express and Fonestyle.



Words Myles Cheang

Art Alexandra Lara

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