realme Is Owning The Budget Phone But Quality Category With The realme 7

realme Is Owning The Budget Phone But Quality Category With The realme 7

A look at the phone’s best features and why it’s a champ



2020 might just be the year we all want to forget. But realme is singing a different song. 


Not long after the release of the realme 6 series last summer came the realme 7, the mobile brand’s newest mid-range phone. Launched alongside the realme Buds Q, their first in-ear True Wireless earbuds, the 7 is dubbed as another segment disruptor. Key features include high-quality AMOLED screen, charging technology that can juice up your phone from 0 to a 100 in less time and a 64MP Quad Camera with a Sony IMX682 sensor. All of which we’ve never seen other mobile brands offer at this price range.


So if you’re looking for a phone with a good screen, great battery life, a decent camera and a system powerful enough to play hours of Call of Duty, keep reading. 


The realme 7 is made for mobile gaming

Under the phone's hood is the latest CPU, the world’s first MediaTek Helio G95 Gaming Processor, and super-fast RAM and powerful AI. With a 90Hz display, which means it has a 50% higher refresh rate than average, you can expect a seamless, butter-smooth and lag-free gaming experience with every swipe and tap of the screen.


The realme 7 also features a carbon fiber cooling system, which ensures performance is up to speed, so you can focus on your game (and that kill record). 


A smart display that brings colors to life

The 7’s display and custom color mode is something anyone can appreciate. It allows users to switch between display modes based on preference and comfort. Opt for Vivid mode if you prefer striking, HD-like colors or try Gentle mode if you like it plain and simple. 


Meanwhile, the Object & Semantic Images & Eye-tracking (OSIE) feature improves the video display clarity and intensity. It sharpens each frame and adjusts the contrast of the image, resulting in true-to-life pictures—or at least pictures close to what the human eye can see.


realme Is Owning The Budget Phone But Quality Category With The realme 7
Photo of the realme 7


Starting to feel the strain in your eyes? The 7 features screen color temperature adjustment, which allows you to manually or automatically reduce blue light radiation. Experts recommend scheduling blue light filters at night for better sleep.


Longer battery life for everyday use

The realme 7’s impressive 5000mAh battery with a 30W Dart Charge can be charged to 100% in 65 mins and nearly 50% in only 26 mins. This means barely interrupted gaming, streaming, video calls and content creation. 


What about the cameras?

With a 16MP front camera, smart beauty (should you need it because it does come in handy from time to time), boke mode and a 64MP Quad Camera with Sony IMX682 that has remarkable light-sensing ability (so those pics come up bright even in low light), there’s not much to gripe about if you’re not a professional photographer like me. But if you’re particular about the settings, you can easily switch between AI mode and Pro mode.


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As for the 7’s video capabilities, they’re pretty standard. The front camera allows 120fps slow-mo video recording while the rear supports ultra-wide video, as well as video stabilization. Now, if only I can get our dog to do things on cam…


realme Is Owning The Budget Phone But Quality Category With The realme 7
Photo taken with the realme 7


The verdict (and based on my historical use of the realme 6): the realme 7 is a reliable phone for everyday adventures online and IRL. It’s powerful enough to keep your mobile activities, from gaming to streaming, stutter-free, has excellent battery and at that price point? It’s definitely owning the budget phone but quality category in my book.



Considering a casual upgrade? The realme 7 8GB + 128GB storage variant retails for P14,990 while the realme 7 Pro 8GB + 128GB storage variant is priced at P17,990. Shop it at home via the official realme store at LazMall. For updates on realme Philippines and all its products, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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