Groove, Work and Move With It: The realme Buds T100 Are the Real Deal

Groove, Work and Move With It: The realme Buds T100 Are the Real Deal

We took the realme Buds T100 out for a test drive



Here’s the thing: I’m picky with my audio devices (apparently, it runs in the family). I need one with me 24/7 because I would rather not exist than sit in silence. I don’t even mind going over my budget for premium quality. So that makes hunting for my next new earphones a challenging task, thanks to the long list of various options. But I finally found a budget-friendly pair that checks all the boxes: the realme Buds T100.


The Buds T100 shows the world that fantastic audio listening doesn’t need to be expensive as it comes in hot with a friendly retail price of P 1,299. The earbuds also come in two colors: Pop White and Punk Black.


realme Buds T100 come in two colors: Pop White (left) and the two-tone Punk Black (right)


Grooving with it

The realme Buds T100 is the brand’s newest true wireless stereo earphones, offering richer sound and deeper bass through its 10mm Dynamic Bass Driver. This claim gets affirmed by my binge-listening sessions: once to Megan Thee Stallion’s Traumazine and the other to the saccharine sweet R&B of NewJeans’ eponymous EP. So it’s true; the Buds T100 delivers crisp and high-quality listens.


The same thing goes for my favorite hobby: binge-watching content. The 88ms Super Low Latency provides a perfect audio-to-video sync with minimal lag time, whether it’s falling down the TikTok rabbit hole or rewatching Do Revenge. Whatever happens, my listening experiences remain unbothered thanks to the Environmental Noise Cancellation wiping out unwanted noise with AI algorithms.


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Working with it

As earphones remain essential in my day-to-day routine, battery life is as vital as sound quality. The realme Buds T100 did not disappoint by lasting up to 28 hours of total playback. The only time I had to charge the case was three days after I unboxed it, which almost clocks in over eight hours of my favorite activities.


The design of the Buds T100 takes cues from the Buds Air line, where a stem extends outward to nestle the bud more securely into your ear. However, the stem is flat instead of rounded, giving better access to the Intelligent Touch Controls for a hassle-free experience. No need to press tricky buttons or look at your phone to switch songs. Tap a bud twice to pause or play, thrice to skip a track. A long press on the left bud lowers the volume while the right side increases it. Um, progress!


Moving with it

Connectivity-wise, the realme Buds T100 poses a bit of difficulty when switching devices. Opening the case puts it into automatic pairing mode, which links with the last device you used. Based on experience, transferring devices needs the help of manual pairing mode. But TBH, this isn’t a dealbreaker for me because what’s an additional few minutes of prep?


While I can rave about its specs and features, comfort is still worth considering for earbuds. I’ve had experiences of earbuds, both pricey and budget-friendly, falling off my ears with slight movements. At least the realme Buds T100 comes with different rubber tips to ensure they fit properly without the need to adjust every now and then. Yes, even after an hour-long brisk walk and jog. Plus, the earphones are equipped with an IPX5 Water Resistance, making them sweatproof and splash-resistant—built to withstand the great outdoors.



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TL;DR for those who don’t speak in specs: the realme Buds T100 is the best sidekick for the new normal. Whether you’re grooving, working or moving, realme built these to survive transitioning between online work and IRL activities. It lasts hours, gives you control from a distance and delivers the best quality. So your savings no longer need to suffer in the name of quality earbuds. If anything, they’re the real deal.



#Groove24/7 with #realmemynumber1. Shop the newest realme Buds T100 on Lazada for only P 1,299.



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