Wonder Tech Talk: realme C12

Wonder Tech Talk: realme C12

This brand new realme c12 may just make this faithful iOS user an Android convert

My 4-year-old smartphone is on the verge of decline; my apps are shutting down, it goes AWOL when the battery still has 20% left, and all possible functions are lagging behind. Enter realme and their new realme c12. This trendsetter smartphone manufacturer committed to cutting-edge yet budget-friendly technology for the youth. 

Their newest innovation and my saving grace, the realme C12, may just make this faithful iOS user an Android convert. Yes, I’m still getting used to it, but with the short but very sweet time I’ve had the opportunity to give it a test drive, I have exceptionally good things to say, with of course, a few drawbacks I’ve experiencedmostly because I’ve spent the decade or so with a different operating system.

Wonder Tech Talk: realme C12
realme c12


Available in two primary colors, coral red and marine blue, the realme C12 features a sleek geometric gradient design, which adds to its deluxe aesthetic, rivaling smartphones three to four times its price. My gripe with it just happens to be the fact that it’s slipped from my hand a few times, but of course, this can easily be remedied by a phone ring holder. 

The 6.5” ultra-large display screen and 88.7% ultra-high screen ratio are such assets especially for the occasional Netflix binge and daily YouTube vlogs (S/O to my OG, ItsJudysLife!). Additionally, I appreciate the available appsespecially for my Google needs for workalready pre-downloaded on the gadget upon opening; it saved me so much time and energy! I am very pleased with how an app upload is faster on Android. (Have I been living a lie all this time?)

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Battery Life 

I watched an obscene amount of Grey’s Anatomy over the long weekend, and even finished a full season; the battery may have just outlived and outperformed my expectations. I have had the product for a week and a few days, and I’ve only had to charge it twice. The long-lasting 6,000 mAh mega battery device is a remarkable upgrade from my current iPhone 6s Plus, which has to be charged twice to thrice in a day. Imagine my surprise—and relief!


Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. As a professional photographer, my expectations are pretty high for a smartphone’s camera; it’s such a necessity of mine that I would get a phone specifically for the quality of images one produces. I expected much from a 13MP AI triple-camera and 5MP Selfie Camera—and it’s quite a mouthful, too!  

realme c12
Wonder Tech Talk: realme C12
realme c12 camera

Sample photos taken with the realme C12

Offhand, the shooting experience is interesting, especially for nighttime, because stark details show up even under such low lighting. Now, I do confess, that I go on the occasional selfie binge especially when I have a full face of make-up. I will save you from a sample, but my skin appears so Airbrushed, to a fault, that I no longer see my make-up details and am so much lighter than my actual skin color. There’s a devoted audience for this specific type of photography “filter”, and unfortunately, I am not part of it. 

Sample video taken with the realme C12

Still, I’ve got to hand it to the realme C12, my images never turn out blurry, even when I’m in such a rush and appear to be moving. 


If this sounds like the quality smartphone for you, the realme C12 is available for the affordable price of P5,990 (with 3GB+32GB included). Buy it online via Lazada and Shopee! 


For more details about the brand new realme C12 and its specifications, click here. For exclusive updates and announcements, follow realme Philippines on Instagram and Facebook.

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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