A realme C25 Review: Hands-On, Stress Off

A realme C25 Review: Hands-On, Stress Off

a.k.a. a telling of the weeks I had with the realme C25



I was born into a generation that can distinctly distinguish between life-with-smartphones and life-without-smartphones. As a kid growing up in the early 2000s, I shared my first analog phone with one of my older brothers, each of us taking turns with that handheld depending on our after-school activities. So for those who don’t remember what that’s like, or never had the chance to know it, let’s just say we’ve come a long way since then—and my own experience took on a new chapter when I had the chance to test out the realme C25. 


Officially, the hashtag attached to the realme C25 is #NoiseOffrealmeOn, because its release was alongside the realme Buds Air 2 Series, the brand’s active noise-canceling earbuds. But hey, if I may and as the title would suggest, the smartphone unit gave me a little more #StressOff feels during my hands-on time with it. 


A realme C25 Review: Hands-On, Stress Off


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Low maintenance as low maintenance gets

I’m used to charging a device at least once during a 24-hour stint, but the realme C25 didn’t need as much care as I’m used to. I would pause films and series to check where I was in terms of battery life and was very often surprised that I didn’t need to plug it in. I went hours on the device, completely independent of its charging accessories and a strategically-placed plug. And honestly, you have no idea what kind of freedom that offers until you’ve felt it. 


But for technicality’s sake and in case you need the specs, the realme C25 is equipped with a 6,000mAh that’s paired with an 18W Type C quick-charge technology.


Quality is as quality does

The realme C25 boasts itself as the first smartphone in the world to be certified with high reliability and durability by TÜV Rheinland, one of the world’s authorities in quality management. It sounds like a big thing for the simple fact that it is—how many of us have dropped a device and prayed to the high heavens and anyone listening that our units would still work when we picked them up? #SanaHindiAll 


That certification aside, the latest from realme is full of worthwhile features: a Mediatek G70 processor and Octa-core 12nm processor, 4GH LPDDR4X RAM, 64GB/128GB ROM and a 13MG AI Triple Camera that operates on realme UI 2.0 and based on Android 11. 


It’s a lot to take in and, for a non-techy person like me, a bunch of words strung together that don’t specifically mean anything—so here’s what you actually need to know: the realme C25 runs like a dream. No halts, pauses or waiting around during use. 


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A personal take on design

I love a non-ostentatious device, the kind that seamlessly looks put together no matter what you put it beside. With the realme C25 coming in options of Watery Blue and Watery Grey, it’s easy to find a place for it. There are no strange aesthetic details here, just straightforward and effective design. A fingerprint scanner at the back of the device for easy unlocking (though a facial recognition feature is available, too, if that’s more your style). 


You don’t have to think about using the realme C25—the use of it is so natural, there is no conscious effort to understand the device. 


A realme C25 Review: Hands-On, Stress Off


Something is missing though 

All these things said, done and praised, the realme C25 does literally lack one thing that I’ve grown to expect out of a smartphone box: earphones. When you unbox the unit, you get the realme C25, the USB Type-C cable, the 18W charger adapter, a sim card needle, a screen protect film and your standard manual/paperwork. But no earphones. 


An overall good experience

The realme C25 leaves me with nothing to want more than what it promises: efficiency, reliability and durability (the lack-of-earphones is no secret). During my time with the device, I looked for nothing more than what it offered—which is really all you want, anyway. There are no frills to be found here, just great delivery on what's needed. They say it was built with the Filipino lifestyle in mind, and I couldn’t agree more. Stream, play, socialize and work to your heart's content. In fact, make the content, too. 



The realme C25 is priced at P7,490 and is available on Shopee



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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