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The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet


February 21, 2022
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We round up and take fashion notes from Red Velvet off-duty looks



As both a musical and visual genre, K-pop leaves us a lot of styling inspo. From Kid-Core-Meets-Camp to reinforcing the allure of florals for spring, there is a lot to love about the fashion. And one of the most stylish girl groups to date has to be Red Velvet. They’ve always been front and center in bringing unique ideas to the table, and their group name even suggests the duality of their styles. “Red” represents their bold side (see Queendom's eccentric, high-fashion paradise), while “Velvet” (see Psycho's glamorous coven) nods more to their more sultry and sophisticated styles. Now that they’re gearing up for a comeback and a live concert next month, we can’t wait for the concept they’ll be giving us next.


Group activities aside, each member also has something up their sleeves. If they’re not rocking the stage, they preoccupy themselves with K-drama OSTs, solo and sub-unit activities and working with major brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Calvin Klein and more. But as much as we love seeing Red Velvet doing their thing on stage and in campaigns, we all love seeing their styles shine through on their days off.


Ahead, we recap some of the best idol off-duty looks donned by Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, Joy and Yeri. Don’t be shy, take some notes for your future outfits, too.


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An Oversized Tee Is A Way Says Red Velvet

The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet

Via @todayis_wendy, @hi_sseulgi


For a relaxed look on days off, especially in the summer, the members of Red Velvet love to fall back on one closet staple: the oversized shirt. Wendy keeps her outfit dainty and put together by French tucking her shirt with plain jeans. She completes the look with white sneakers—a no-fail ‘fit for someone enjoying her hours off. Meanwhile, Seulgi’s a little more adventurous by pairing her oversized shirt with checkered pants, topping it off with pearl beads. The color breaks lie in the little details: her striking orange mane, blushing red lip, the green print and the matching green mug. 


There’s Fun In Button-Ups

The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet

Via @hi_sseulgi, @yerimiese


Going off-duty doesn’t necessarily mean ditching dressy looks altogether. What’s a better way to keep it simple but elegant than a classic button-up polo? Seulgi shows off the enduring style of nautical chic with her blue-and-white striped polo. Instead of rolling her sleeves up, she keeps them down and cuffs them for that boyfriend shirt look. Meanwhile, Yeri takes the edgier route in sporting her classic white polo. She layers the piece underneath an oversized leather jacket, pairing it with a pleated skirt and knee-high boots. 


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Red Velvet Keeping Cozy in Knits

The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet

Via @_imyour__joy, @yerimiese


The Red Velvet girls bust out their knits and layer away when the weather gets chillier. Two of the youngest members, Joy and Yeri, also color-coordinate for their winter wear. Joy dons a black knit cardigan over a shirt and trousers, opening the last button for a laid-back look. She keeps her ‘fit cohesive by throwing on a black beanie and black-framed sunglasses. Yeri takes cues from Joy, matching grey knits and beanies this time. Instead of layering with a regular shirt, she wears a striped grey turtle neck to break the one-shirt illusion before completing her fit with a grey beanie and colored jewelry.


When In Doubt, They Drape

The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet

Via @renebaebae, @_imyour__joy


Red Velvet members Irene and Joy zhuzh up their simple ‘fits by draping on outerwear. Irene wears her dark brown tweed blazer over her shoulders, providing an earthy color break over her white-and-denim combo. Yet, she’s keeping it regal and refined, even when she’s just lounging about. Meanwhile, Joy adds a striking contrast to her neutrals-led outfit by tying a bright orange sweater around her shoulder and waist. Not going to lie—it’s giving us rebel-in-the-country-club style.


Red Velvet's Puffy Sleeves Are Foolproof

The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet The Best Idol Off-Duty Looks by Red Velvet

Via @renebaebae, @todayis_wendy


Back when puffy sleeves were dominating our pandemic trends (and still are), Irene and Wendy hopped on the trend. Despite donning the usual black-and-white outfit, Irene adds some sugar and spice by sporting a puff-sleeved fur top with flared white jeans. She lets the accessories do the talking, such as her two purses and mint green scrunchie. This style endures until summer, too, as Wendy sports a Very Peri cropped blouse with puffy sleeves during Red Velvet’s 7th Anniversary celebration. She’s keeping it comfy, breezy and adorable.


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Did we miss other off-duty looks that need to get spotlighted? Let us know in the comments below!



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