Get A Chance to Revenge Travel for Free With ShopBack Travel Club

Get A Chance to Revenge Travel for Free With ShopBack Travel Club

ShopBack Travel Club is the answer to your “revenge travel” prayers



We’re all about getting back into the groove of traveling, but with all the expenses piling up, is revenge travel season something we should say goodbye to? Well, ShopBack Travel Club may be the perfect solution to your worries!



ShopBack is Asia Pacific’s leading shopping, rewards and payments platform, and they just recently launched their ShopBack Travel Club, which provides users an opportunity to win a trip abroad with exclusive travel perks! Sounds amazing? We agree. But how exactly does one get to win this competition and set off to their dream getaway destination?


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It all begins with an upcoming campaign launch in Boracay where we get to witness a showdown between two groups of influencers who aim to outdo each other in making travel content. Of course, the winning group gets a chance to win a free trip, travel perks and become the face of the ShopBack travel campaign for the year! But don’t worry, there are enough rewards for ShopBack users, too; all you have to do is join their content creation contest.



To join, simply upload a travel video on TikTok and Instagram Reels and mention the event tagline: “Get paid to travel with ShopBack.” Don’t forget to tag @shopbackph with the hashtag #ShopBackTravelClub. And just like that, you’re one step closer to winning a free hotel stay in Bali from their partners at Agoda and, as well as other amazing discounts and perks from Klook and more!


Keep in mind that you have an audience to please as ShopBack has invited travel influencer Patrice Averilla and their official media partner to judge your creations. And of course, popularity always plays to your advantage, so bump up those engagements! Learn more about the contest mechanics by visiting this link.


Revenge traveling just got a whole lot sweeter! Competition winners will be announced just in time for ShopBack’s 8th birthday celebration on June 15 to June 22. Keep posted on all the happenings on ShopBack’s website and their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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