I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It Performed

I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It Performed

Getting #clingy with the OPPO A95



Let’s let this piece of truth settle us in here: Millennials like myself remember what life was like before smartphones, but we’ve fully adapted to the world of technology. So while I still remember what spending hours on the house phone were like, emails all the way when I stepped into my first job. Needless to say, I know how to depend on a gadget—but I know when it fails me, and I have no qualms about having to let them go. Is OPPO A95 really up to the challenge?


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So when I read that the OPPO A95 boasts an “ultra-long” battery life, I got curious. After spending most of my adult life in front of varying screens, one thing has been certain after all: I need to charge them and charge them often. Especially when it involves a trip out of the city.


Specs, technicalities & design

Let’s talk about the specs and the technicalities of this device first. The OPPO A95 is equipped with the Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 662 and System Booster, as well as 8GB RAM+128GB ROM and RAM Expansion, so you know the power is there. In terms of software, we’re loving the ColorOS 11.1 UI that has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, which promotes productivity and a more enjoyable entertainment experience. Moreover, its privacy and safety features are a must nowadays so we can keep our private information securet. And then, of course, there is the 5000mAh battery that’s perfectly complemented by the 33W Flash Charge, which means long use and fast charging for that inevitable time. Never feel the anxiety of losing battery again or having to wait for hours for your phone to fully charge.


The OPPO A95 also snaps crisp photos and videos with its 48MP Triple Camera setup and AI imaging features, which you can see in all their glory on 6.43-inch AMOLED FHD. It sounds hefty, but the overall design of this smartphone is completely lightweight. It measures a slim 7.95mm and weighs a barely-noticeable 175g. And it has an all-day Eye Care feature, too—which I was particularly grateful for considering this assignment and the time I would be spending with the unit.


I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It PerformedOPPO A95


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The countdown begins

I had plans to take my family on a staycation in Antipolo for two days and one night, AKA the perfect opportunity to test the OPPO A95 battery life. I checked out the phone at 9:17 in the morning and it was at 99% battery life. Perfect.


We were on the road by 10AM, and I used the A95 to snap photos the entire way up. At 11:33AM, the phone was still at 99%. After having lunch out, snapping more photos, checking in and looking around the Airbnb, we went to the pool. I, in the name of science, volunteered the A95 to be our speakers. My nieces changed the songs, put the volume on max, and sung and swam their hearts out.


I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It Performed I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It Performed I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It Performed


The next morning, I woke up at 6AM to get a bit of work done before the rest of family woke up. I played songs on the A95, which was at 87% battery life—this time honestly just trying to drain it. By 8AM, my nieces were begging to go back to the pool, and it was the same routine. I handed over the device, they queued their songs, and they complained when I said we had to pack up and prepare to check out at 9:30.


Look, by the time we got home and it was the next day, the OPPO A95 was still over 70% in battery life. Needless to say, OPPO really wasn’t kidding with this one. And even if you argue that I didn’t maximize my use of the phone, a less than 30% drain in the course of 48 hours is unheard of—even when you don't use it all.


OPPO A95 I Spent 24 Hours With The OPPO A95 & This Is How It Performed OPPO A95
1st Day, 11:33AM at 99% battery life
2nd Day, 6:03AM at 87% battery life
3rd Day, 8:45am at 71% battery life



Perform at your best with the new OPPO A95, available in Glowing Rainbow Silver and Glowing Starry Black, which is now officially available in the Philippines for P15,999 via OPPO concept stores, partner dealers, and exclusive e-commerce partners Shopee and Lazada.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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