For the Next #Safescape: Revisiting Adventure Essentials With The Travel Club


August 18, 2021
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Post-ECQ adventures already on our minds



Not that anyone’s asking, but it’s now been 500-plus days since quarantine became our reality. That’s 500-plus days away from our old lives. Entire routines, traditions and even coping mechanisms recalibrated forever. 


On that topic, we ponder once again the idea of travel in the time of COVID-19. That, in itself, still feels like a gamble. But in knowing there are ways to do it safely, hopes remain high that a safe escape is in the cards. (A daydream: but it would be nice to replace the languishing loop with unplugging, a change of scenery and getting back to nature instead.)




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While we sit back thinking about the trips we’ve put a pin in, we suppose now is an opportune moment to revisit travel essentials. 


Checking in with The Travel Club Philippines, we’ve reworked the adventure pack list, making it #SAFEscape-ready in time for the next trip. New must-haves and upgrades on old adventure items just up ahead.


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A high-quality reusable mask set that comes with one washable mask and five washable filters. No mask, no trip.

XD Design Protective Mask Set, 980


A no-brainer: a water bottle for hydration. A plus: clumsy person-proof and holds up great against bumps, drops and other forms of impact.

Nalgene 500ml Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 790


Open-air adventures remain top of mind in the pandemic, so no doubt we’ve been thinking about camping. Now, to actually come equipped with a tent…

Poler Two-Man Tent, 18,390


Let’s not forget this adventure-ready, solar-powered light source.

Poler Inflatable Solar Lamp, 790


Also, this multi-use “napsack” sleeping bag that converts into a wearable jacket.

Poler Napsack, 8,490


Of the #SAFEscape adventures, beach trips come highly recommended by The Travel Club. Another open-air vacation where this classic non-wicking dry sack comes in.

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack, 690


For overnight trips, there’s this heavy-duty update on the travel toiletry kit. No-fuss storage, accommodates more items, easy to organize with.

Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Kit, 1490


A much-needed addition to the travel—and even the everyday errand—arsenal. A sanitizing spray that thoroughly disinfects surfaces (from gadgets, equipment at the gym and elevator buttons to toilet seats, ATM vestibules and carry-on bags).

DFNS Hygiene Spray, 1,390


For pocket items, there’s the option of using this portable sanitizer box. It uses UV-C light to sanitize frequently used items like keys, your smartphone, credit cards, face masks and watches without the need for chemicals.

Travelon Portable UV Sanitizer Box, 2,990


It’s the advent of the bike vacation! ECQ may have cut this pastime short, but we foresee more “bikepacking adventures” in the near future. A multi-functional, lightweight bike helmet to invest in.

Livall Sport Helmet, 7,990


For day trips and road trips where it only makes sense to bring food items for the ride, pack them up and keep them fresh with this leak-proof lunchbox.

Nalgene Lunch Buddy, 1990


And, of course, something to put all your gear in:

Columbia Trail Elite 55L Backpack, 13,990

Using this time to do a pack list overhaul, too? Explore and shop travel essentials on or tap here for a full list of The Travel Club stores in the Philippines.


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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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