SAAN SAAN Studio: A New Address for Stories and Sensory Encounters

SAAN SAAN Studio: A New Address for Stories and Sensory Encounters

SAAN SAAN sets up shop on Brixton Street



Since its conception in 2018, SAAN SAAN has attracted—and charmed—a loyal following. “Brand advocates-turned-friends,” as owner and candler Mark Zavalla likes to put it.


With only an e-commerce platform and social media as a connector at the time to its patrons, SAAN SAAN was able to tell vivid stories through scents: done through small-batch, handmade soy candles, with incense, reed diffusers, soaps, and other implements to help paint the full story. Albeit done remotely, this ultimately inspired a journey for the senses.


“Our noses can bring back details of a memory faster than any other senses,” says Zavalla. “I was also very inspired by the idea of traveling through scents, without leaving your room. Movement and stillness remain to be the SAAN SAAN tagline.”



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In December 2022, Zavalla decided to lean into establishing a sense of space for SAAN SAAN. “While the scents he creates produce evoke a feeling of being in a particular space and time, a physical encounter creates a more lasting appeal,” the brand explains in a press release. “[These] are multi-sensory encounters: visual, smell, touch.”


Enter: the SAAN SAAN Studio.



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This takes SAAN SAAN from its home base of San Pedro, Laguna, to its first-ever physical store and studio at United Street corner Brixton Street in Pasig City. Here, patrons can embark on a more immersive journey through scents drawn from Zavalla’s personal experiences, memories or favorite passages in literature.


“I think that’s ultimately what I’m also trying to create: a home for these little portals,” adds Zavalla. “Then, of course, storytelling through scents generates a lot of conversations. That’s also why pop-ups have good turnouts because people want to connect, and I also love hearing people’s stories.”



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Designed by Arts Serrano of One Zero Design, the space also doubles as a “workshop-laboratory.” Since SAAN SAAN has always endeavored to be more than a candle and retail brand, it sees itself engaging more people through candle-making workshops and collaborative work with artists and other proudly local brands. In this way, the brand hopes to create an impact on the community in new, exciting ways.


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Expansion of the product line, the brand reveals, is in the cards. This includes a full fragrance brand and more channels of home and even wearable scents. “I hope to expand our scent collections and help elevate the Filipino experience through scents,” shares Zavalla. The SAAN SAAN Studio is a place for patrons to take part in SAAN SAAN’s next chapters, too, as its story continues to unfold.


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SAAN SAAN Studio is located at G/F Ace Hotel and Suites, United Street corner Brixton Street in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. The store is open from 11AM to 7PM Tuesday through Thursday and 11AMto 8PM Friday through Sunday. You can also visit SAAN SAAN online at



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