Two New Samsung Phones for All Ya Instafolks

Two New Samsung Phones for All Ya Instafolks

Samsung recently launched a couple of new smartphones that are through the galaxy in value but with Earth-level prices



In an age where a trip to a cool-new establishment or a beautiful location out of town is an exercise in capturing scenes within four borders, social media has presented life through a lens built around ideals. Today, many (if not all) seek to elevate life to higher standards as a source of aspiration and inspiration to followers, seen on many an Instagram account. And with higher standards come better tools.


Around mid-March at Green Sun, Samsung launched a couple of mid-range smartphones—the Galaxy A50 and A30—that can rival digital cameras in terms of photo and video quality. The great news? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg; a godsend, especially for newbie or on-a-budget content creators.


Take a picture

As a Samsung Galaxy user myself, I was intrigued with what these toys can do. Both phones have a flaw detection feature that notifies users of possible errors in the photos they have taken, thus allowing them to take better shots of the intended subjects thereafter.


“It can detect if you blink or if there’s a blurry image or if you’ve moved or if there’s too much backlight, so you’ll always get that perfect shot,” explains Cheska Tangco, Samsung’s Product Marketing Manager for Core Smartphones.


Couple that feature with the A50’s trio of high-resolution cameras and the A30’s twin cameras and pretty much every nook and cranny of any particular place can be deemed IG-worthy. I was able to try out the A50 at the event’s multiple booths and it certainly delivered crisp photos and videos that could probably do wonders for my ghost town of an Instagram account.


Like me, Samsung brand ambassador Liza Soberano was impressed with the features of both phones. Liza lauded the Selfie Focus of the A50 which mimics the bokeh effect of portraits from digital cameras, enabling users to take professional-looking shots. She adds, “I like the wide angle camera because it allows me to travel and it’s very convenient. [You can capture] everything you see in the background and that makes me more inspired to take photos and focus on photography because I’m gonna get into that right now.”


Two New Samsung Phones for All Ya Instafolks

Samsung A50


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All powered up

A lot of smartphones last for only three hours of extensive use. And this has been a problem for many whenever they go out of town or catch a slew of bands at any of Metro Manila’s gig places. In the case of the latter, the battery life tends to leave users high and dry right before the main acts begin belting out the more iconic parts of their playlist.


Samsung addresses this concern by rigging the A50 and A30 with 4000 mAh batteries, potentially lasting for longer hours—perhaps the entire day even—with moderate to light use. Charging, on the other hand, is breezy with the fast chargers that come with most Samsung phones.


Truth be told, I was using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to cover the event, which lasted from late afternoon until the deeper parts of the night. My phone carries the same battery life and key features similar to what the two devices being launched at the time have. I took 400 photographs, recorded three videos, posted my usual silly fare on social media, checked my newsfeeds and posted a handful of Stories. And after all that, the phone had enough juice for me to book rides to a couple of coffee shops and edit the photos that I posted on social media. It still had power when I got home. The battery life is as good as advertised.


Two New Samsung Phones for All Ya Instafolks

Samsung A50


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No money, no problem

With great features housed in slick packages, the A50 and A30 are surprisingly affordable. Any tech enthusiast who has zero knowledge about the A50 could easily appraise it between P20,000 to P30,000. But this is not the case; in fact, the A50 and the A30 will retail respectively for P17,990 and P13,990 once they hit stores on March 30.


Go forth and do you without breaking the bank. And remember, it’s not always about the gadget but the skillz of the user.



Words Paul Wenceslao

Art Isabella Canlas

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