We Asked A Graphic Artist To Review The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

We Asked A Graphic Artist To Review The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE hold up to the hype?



I was never a tablet girl. I have never owned one and I have never worked on one. Sure, the occasional tablet has been placed in my hands, but I never did more than play a few games or check out a few photos—and I certainly have never tried to make an illustration on one, either. Actually, I’ve never made digital art at all. So when we got the opportunity to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, I asked for some help from Wonder’s graphic artist, Matthew Fetalver


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But before we get in on what he actually thought of the device, let’s talk specs. It has a 12.4-inch screen that provides a vibrant and cinematic experience, complemented by AKG sound—dual speakers and Dolby Atmos for that surround sound. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE comes equipped with the Snapdragod 778G chipset, so you know it’s fast and can multi-task right alongside you. You’ll also get over 1TB of storage when you plug in a microSD card, so you’re free to create and save away. The ever-important battery life lets you work and play for hours on end, lasting 13 hours because of its 10,090mAh battery—with 45W Super Fast Charging, too. And it’s available in four colors: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Green and Mystic Pink.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE also comes with an S Pen, which boasts a natural writing experience. It can even turn your handwriting into text in real time—and it snaps to the tablet’s side for easy carrying and charging (and less chances of losing it!). 


So how does it fair in the hands of a graphic artist?

We Asked A Graphic Artist To Review The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE


Fets used the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE and the S Pen using the PenUp app and, in doing so, was introduced to the lightweight, sleek and premium experience that the devices promise. The battery life, especially for someone in his career, was of utmost importance as well. Being able to use the device on a single charge for a full day’s work is worth so much more than anything these days. And while he admits it took a little while getting used to how to work things, a quick step-by-step tutorial was enough to get the creative juices flowing. 


All this said, there is one thing that Fets raised in concern: The actual screen is a little too glossy; so much so that the S Pen sometimes slips unintentionally. But hey, this isn’t something that a matte screen protector can’t fix!

We Asked A Graphic Artist To Review The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE


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In terms of use, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE and the S Pen aren’t just for the professionals. Fets actually suggests that younger children who have a knack for or are interested in the arts can practice on the device, as well as more mature individuals that want an easy way to destress. 


I couldn’t let Fets leave without some advice for those of us who aren’t as well versed in graphics as he is, so I asked him for some words of wisdom. “Generic tip, but practice,” he says. “If you could, draw every day so that you can familiarize yourself with all the tools, and learn which techniques work best for you.” His other one? “Never use #000000 black & #ffffff white for the highlights and shadows because that would look unnatural.”


Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?



Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE now. 



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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