SHARVD: A Co-Working Yay Or Nay?

SHARVD: A Co-Working Yay Or Nay?

Could SHARVD be the solution to working-from-home-but-not?



The corporate landscape is changing and old working habits—and environments—are morphing into something our grandparents wouldn’t recognize or even consider. Managers don’t have four walls to themselves, desks are filled to the edges with personalized items and co-working spaces are the new alternative to stuffy business rooms (and noisy coffee shops).


So to test this theory and see if it was feasible, we looked at SHARVD, a co-working space that prides itself for being located in the heart of Makati’s CBD. And since it’s located in The Valero Tower in Salcedo Village, we really can’t argue with this point.


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Shared spaces

SHARVD: A Co-Working Yay Or Nay?


For those of us on a budget (AKA “the company’s not covering it, but I want to be out of the office for my own sanity”), SHARVD’s shared spaces are the way to go. Sure, you never know who you’re going to be around, but other than the click of other laptops, there’s really nothing to worry about.


Their hourly rate is P150 and comes with access to internet, an electric socket and a cup of coffee. If you’re looking to stay longer, the fee is at P450 and goes hand in hand with unlimited coffee.


Dedicated cubes

SHARVD: A Co-Working Yay Or Nay?


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If you believe in (or need to) work in groups, SHARVD also has three dedicated cubes up for grabs; two for five individuals and another for eight. Their rates vary; a day will cost you either P2,750 or P4,550, a week is P9,650 or P14,200 and an entire month is P35,550 and P45,000. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg, plus all cubes come with unlimited coffee and water, unlimited local calls, internet, LAN access and a dedicated phone.


It’s literally a workspace away from your workspace. Or if you’re working on just a project, then say hello to your new office for the duration of that special little campaign where secrecy must be held to a high standard.


Executive offices

SHARVD: A Co-Working Yay Or Nay?


Able to comfortably seat seven to nine individuals, SHARVD’s two executive office offerings is exactly what you’d expect from its category. It’s perfect for the more business-focused groups that need to bunker down and tick items off their mile-long to-do lists.


At P46,850 per month, you get free flowing coffee and water, unlimited local calls from a dedicated phoned line, access to internet and LAN, in-room storage and being able to control your own AC—the last of which, let’s be honest, can honestly make or break your work vibe sometimes.


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Now we aren’t executives, but we definitely have our eyes on those shared spaces. It offers the comfort of working from home, only with better internet, easy access to coffee and no one bothering us.



Art Alexandra Lara

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