Shopee 9.9 Sale: It’s for You, But Not Just for You

Shopee 9.9 Sale: It’s for You, But Not Just for You

This year’s Shopee 9.9 sale is about giving (and okay, receiving)



The end of one month means the beginning of another double-day sales. And for the Shopee 9.9 sale, you really don’t want to miss out. Sure, the sales and deals cannot be ignored, but the e-comm platform is also giving back in a big way.


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The Shopee-sponsored Community Project

When announcing the Shopee 9.9 sale, we were also introduced to Barangay Shopee, which is the company’s latest initiative to help a few underserved communities across the Philippines. Here, an entire community can win a sponsored project for their barangay, whether that’s a new basketball court, a new multi-purpose hall or even to increase the amount of suppliers for their public schools.



Nominate your own barangay from now until September 9! Learn more about it here.


“Mas Mura sa Shopee” deals and upsized brand promos at the 9.9 Super Shopping Day


Mas mura sa Shopee!

For something a little more personal~, the Shopee 9.9 sale still has the standard deals and promos we’ve learned to expect from the double-day sales! For September, get ready to enjoy free shipping with no minimum spends, as well as P1 deals!


Notable brands that are taking part this month (and that you should watch out for) are INSPI, Garnier, Dreame, Sabbat, OPPO, GameXtreme, Huawei, Colgate-Palmolive, Crocs PH, Uni-Care, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Philippines, Pedigree and Whiskas, Belo Essentials, P&G Beauty, Unilever, Ace Hardware, Adidas, Xiaomi, POCO, Bosch, Chef’s Classics, Enfagrow and Lactum.


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So if you were marking your calendars for that 9.9 Sale happening in a few days for yourself, maybe keep in mind that you can give something even bigger to your entire community. #WinWin



Art Macky Arquilla

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