Shopee Hacks for Beginners: How to Save Your Money

Shopee Hacks for Beginners: How to Save Your Money

From us to you: Shopee hacks for 11.11, 12.12 and beyond 



I only understood the Shopee craze in quarantine. For years, I couldn't go past the confusing interface. I preferred shopping in physical stores, which remains an entirely different experience. After months in lockdown and settling for purchasing my needs and, let's face it, wants through online retailers, I can't ever go back to that “primitive” way of life—what was I thinking? With what seems like unlimited free shipping, monthly vouchers, and surprise deals, I'm a true Shopee convert (to my wallet's dismay). If you're already stuck in this virtual black hole, you know what I'm talking about. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you're still confused as to how the shopping platform works, here's a shopee hacks to help you save money for your next haul.


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Activate Shopback when shopping online. 

Brace yourselves, Shopback will change your life! Every time you shop online, don't forget to shop through the app; with every purchase, you'll have a percentage returned back to you after a period of time. I've already withdrawn thousands, many thanks to Shopback and referrals to friends and family.



Use ShopeePay when paying for your purchases.

It may be confusing at first but ShopeePay is the best way to save money! The e-Wallet helps you pay for Shopee purchases, top-up and withdraw cash. Just link to your online bank or e-Wallet like GCash and even top-up through over-the-counter exchanges. By using ShopeePay, you get exclusive vouchers and free delivery sitewide.


Pro-tip: Don't forget to shop on ShopeePay day, which happens every Thursday—bigger discounts await!


Claim (and apply) vouchers before checking out. 

I mean, this is already a given, but in case you weren't aware, vouchers replenish every day. Claim new vouchers (especially for free delivery!) to your heart's content. Brands also provide exclusive vouchers, so make sure to follow them to get updated.


You can apply multiple vouchers upon checking out (e.g. an exclusive voucher from a shop plus a ShopeePay voucher) to get more discounts. And if you're a night owl—where let's face it, all the unnecessary shopping happens—you can usually claim vouchers from 12MN to 2AM.


Use your coins. 

Every day is an opportunity to claim coins (P1 = 1 coin) you can use before checking out. Upsized 20% Cashback is a real thing, and it's definitely too good to be true! Don't forget to claim your cashback voucher, which replenishes daily, and use the coins for your next purchase.


Look out for exclusive Korea Fair vouchers.  

If you're a fellow K-Beauty enthusiast like me, you're in for a treat. The exclusive vouchers through Korea Fair are provided at least once a month (with no prior notice!). You'll be provided exclusive vouchers worth P100 to P200, even if you'll only be purchasing an item as low as P350. Cop your favorites no holds barred!



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Looking for products to include in your 11.11 haul? We've got a few ideas of our own! Why not try some Asian Beauty favorites or some local picks? Happy shopping to all, and to all a good night! Let these Shopee hacks be one of our gifts to you.



 Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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