Meet ‘Soup Pot:’ The Asian Cooking Game

Meet ‘Soup Pot:’ The Asian Cooking Game

Ready, get set, sabaw!



Cooking games have made up some part of our childhoods. For sure you’ve played Cooking Mama on a borrowed Nintendo DS or spent countless hours sitting in front of the family PC going through tons of flash player cooking games over at If you thought that these games are just a thing of the past, think again. Southeast Asian game studio Chikon Club brings a new yet familiar cooking experience to the table, quite literally, with Soup Pot.



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Soup Pot, the game, is making the virtual culinary experience immersive and extra down to the last detail: realistic kitchen sounds, talking ingredients and even the occasional neighbor having way too much fun with karaoke! Plus, you’ll be streaming your kitchen sessions via the in-game social media, Cookbook. The audience will be cheering you on if you’re doing good at whipping up the dish or they’ll be teasing you when things go the other way.


Based on the game previews, players will be trying out dishes like sinigang, lumpia, and what looks like lechon kawali as they progress. These are only a few out of the over 100 Philippine, Korean and Japanese recipes featured.


In a press release with Xbox, Chikon Club’s Technical Director and Co-founder Gwen Foster says that the player is responsible for all the steps. Choosing ingredients, prepping all of them, whipping up a dish and a dozen other interactions with the food are all up to you. But don’t worry, no one’s washing dishes at the end of it all. ~Yes~


Anothing thing that makes Soup Pot exciting is that players—especially those who are hopeless in the kitchen IRL—get free reign to explore and experiment with different recipes. None of the added fear of burning something or wasting food because of missteps. At least in Soup Pot, all they have is the quiet judgement of viewers from Cookbook and not their mom’s look of disdain when smoke fills the air ?.



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So, set your alarms because Soup Pot drops on August 2021 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC! Follow Chikon Club on Twitter for more updates. Who knows, this might even be your next emotional support game to get through another year.



Art Alexandra Lara

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