How To Celebrate Christmas Alone in the Philippines

How To Celebrate Christmas Alone in the Philippines

P.S. There’s no need to get all sad about it



Christmas in the Philippines is a huge deal. Families and their relatives from distant lands come home to lolo or lola’s house to celebrate Christmas. Sometimes, longtime friends of the clan come over, too, or the neighbor (with the whole fam ?). The noche buena is always excessive, from the different types of lechon to the many variants of kakanin. Everyone has a gift for everyone—and that’s on top of Monito Monita (like Secret Santa) that happens every week of December or on Christmas day itself.


But not everyone, whether by choice or by circumstance, goes big on the holiday celebration (myself included). And while Christmas is for reconnecting with family and your faith, if you’re Christian, it’s also about gratitude, not just for the people you love or the blessings you’ve received, but for yourself and life itself, too. 


Just in case you’re celebrating Christmas solo this year, there’s really no reason to be sad; here are ways to enjoy your own company:


Get Away For One

Have extra cash? Go ahead and staycation at that nice new boutique hotel you’ve been hearing about, order room service and watch all the series and movies you want. 


There’s also that option to get out of town and hit the beach for some sun, surf and sand. Check out Funky Quarters, surftown’s funky new neighbor, where people stay for the funk ?? But if a trip away from our local shores is what you’re looking for, how about Singapore? It’s home to the best airport in the world and definitely offers more than just modern establishments and ubiquitous hawker centers. Just see for yourself! 


Eat Your Heart Out

Who says you can’t have a noche buena for one? Try your hand at cooking and make yourself a holiday spread inspired by Chrissy Teigen or any other homecook, or chef of your choice. While you’re at it, throw yourself a whisky party, too. All (okay, most of) the cocktail recipes you need are right this way.


Lazy? We’re not judging. You can always order a holiday feast! Options are aplenty anyway.



Time To Give Back

Sharing is caring, and what better time to show that you care by giving back or paying it forward to those in need. Donate stuff (that are in usable condition) you no longer use, from books to clothes to supplies you’re never really going to use. If you have a little extra, why not put together gift packs filled with practical items, like food or personal care items? But make sure to inquire and coordinate with your chosen charity or non-profit first before you make a purchase! 


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Furry Friends

Maybe now is the time to get yourself a furry friend and give that lonely furry friend a home. Just make sure you’re ready for the responsibility, k? You can apply to foster a shelter dog from PAWS  or  Hound Haven, or a rescued pet from CARA



Skincare and SLEEP

So, you’ve been busy and skipping (or scrimping) on your skincare routine? Well, Christmastime might just be the perfect time to get your regimen back on track or try a new one, like this 3-step K-Beauty routine, or maybe even trim it down.


Once done, catch up on some much needed sleep…OR if you’re feeling frisky, give yourself some lovin.’ Yes, I mean masturbate because there’s no shame in ~safely~ exploring your body and finding out which strokes and where make you feel good


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Spending Christmas alone isn’t so bad and doesn’t have to be lonely. It’s also an exercise in enjoying your own company because if you don’t then who else will, amirite?


Merry Christmas!



Art Alexandra Lara

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