Podcasts Are Booming in the Philippines: We Hear Why from These Spotify Creators


October 19, 2022
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At the recently concluded Spotify Creator Media Mixdown, we hear from MavLine and directors JP Habac and Antoinette Jadaone



Podcast listenership is at an all-time high, with the Philippines seeing a 60% growth increase in the last 12 months, according to Spotify data. This can be attributed to creators who started a podcast during the pandemic, which serves as a creative outlet and respite, including Directors Antoine Jadaonne and JP Habac, hosts of the Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast. Here, they talk about anything and everything relatable—from pop culture and entertainment to love and career (oh, and throw in the occasional NSFW episode, too).


At the recently concluded Spotify Creator Media Mixdown, hosted by Bianca Gonzalez-Intal of Paano Ba ‘To: The Podcast, Antoinette revealed the beginnings of AWKP. She shares, “Nag-start ‘yung Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast in the middle of the pandemic. As we all know, ‘yung industry namin, it really closed down during the pandemic so [there were] no shoots, walang taping (Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast started in the middle of the pandemic. As we all know, for our industry, it really closed down during the pandemic so [there were] no shoots, no taping). As artists and filmmakers, we wanted to find that creative outlet.”


She further explains, “When we did the podcast, it started as just that—and then people started listening. Later on, it became a community of listeners and non-listeners.”



For that special Gen Z flair, Kyline Alcantara and her real-life partner Mavy Legaspi host the top-performing podcast MavLine on Me with Kyline and Mavy. Though short-form content is being championed by their generation, many still take the time to listen to their 30 to 45-minute episodes because they find it highly relatable and informative.



Kyline reveals, “[We talk about] everything under the sun, but more of, sa perspective ng (from the perspective of) Gen Z. Gusto namin iparating sa Gen Z that we have a voice also…hindi lang public personalities or artista ‘yung may voice but kahit simpleng mamamayan—we all have the platform [thanks to] social media. (We want to tell Gen Z that we have a voice also…not just public personalities or celebrities but even simple citizens—we all have the platform [thanks to] social media).”


She adds, “Gusto rin namin iparating sa ibang Gen Z na makinig tayo sa ibang generations because they have more experience in life (We want to tell Gen Z to listen to other generations because they have more experience in life).”


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We also heard straight from Carl Zuzarte, Spotify’s Head of Studios for Southeast Asia. Spotify data revealed that local podcasts are leading in the Philippines, with genres across Love & Relationships, Wellness and Entertainment, resonating the most with Pinoy listeners. He notes: “It’s not necessarily the pandemic that prompted the push towards podcasts. I think [podcasts] have been growing as a result of creators coming on board, the platform innovations and our investments.”


He adds, “Many of the creators who started…know that [they] have a story to tell. It could be a very personal story about relationships, it could be about society—and they find an audience [for it].”


On seeing successful patterns that work for listenership in the Philippines, he reveals, “I think some of it is global; it’s universal. So the topics that our podcasts have right now, they’re pretty much…people like silly talk about silly things, right? It’s quite ‘nonsense,’ but it resonates and is meaningful to [listeners]—the way that couples behave with each other, intricacies of being in a relationship or just friends talking about things, which are a bit NSFW…Once we find podcasters who are passionate, we support them.”


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It’s no secret that Filipinos are always in search of a good conversation. Spotify continues to unlock the potential of human creativity through its creators, inspiring millions of listeners across the globe.



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