Love in A Bottle: Send Your Future Self A Sealed Playlist on Spotify

Love in A Bottle: Send Your Future Self A Sealed Playlist on Spotify

Think of it as a musical time capsule


If there’s one thing about Spotify that makes it the prime music streaming app on the planet, it's that it shows how music isn’t only music. It’s a point of conversation, an identity and, as we settle into the New Year, a time capsule. While we love waiting for Spotify Wrapped to check out the year that was in terms of what you (over)played, we tend to drop it by January. So the platform offers a new way to immortalize the first month filled with introspection, unhurriedness and even the motivation to embody the phrase #NewYearNewMe.


Enter: Playlist in a Bottle.

Love in A Bottle: Send Your Future Self A Sealed Playlist on Spotify


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You heard it right. Just like the name implies, you can lock in a playlist, with a minimum of three songs, in an item of your choice. Pick from the quintessential bottle, a gumball machine, a teddy bear and more options to seal your songs. To make it even more fun, Spotify provides fun prompts to match the songs to make each inclusion sentimental and memorable. The prompts include “A song you need to hear live in 2023,” “A song that reminds you of your favorite person” and “A song that sounds like the year 3023.” 


You get one last recap of the playlist before you lock it in. Nonetheless, choose your songs carefully. Because once you’ve sealed a playlist, there are no do-overs, takebacks or adjustments. You only get the list by 2024, when all these selections may or may not feel like eons ago. So if you played around with your Playlist in a Bottle (or Tiny Jean Pocket), you might just cackle at your results by then.


Ready to curate your Spotify Playlist in a Bottle? Here’s how it goes:


  1. Hit this link or type “Playlist in a Bottle” in the search bar. Look for the entry that says “Playlist in a bottle” with a “Genre” subcategory.
  2. Select your capsule. Pick from the following:
    1. Bottle
    2. Tiny Jean Pocket
    3. Gumball Machine
    4. Lunch Box
    5. Teddy Bear
  3. Answer the prompts with the song of your choice
  4. Review the list
  5. And lock that baby in!
  6. Share it on your socials, if you want
  7. You’ll be surprised by January 2024 with an unlocked playlist showing you how you listened the year before


If you prefer visuals, Spotify Philippines also has this walkthrough: 



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When 2024 rolls in, you might be surprised with how your music taste transformed or evolved after another revolution around the sun. You’ll rediscover the songs that signify one chapter of your life during a completely different time. As cliché as it sounds, only time will tell. The feature will stay on the app until January 31, 2023, so don’t wait ‘til the last minute to lock your tunes in.



Experience this and many more features by downloading Spotify through the App Store or GooglePlay.



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