Spotify Wrapped Season Has Arrived. How’s Yours?

Spotify Wrapped Season Has Arrived. How’s Yours?

Thank you for another good year of music and audio



In recent years, one of the small joys that makes us look forward to the end of the year is Spotify Wrapped. The yearly roundup has become a talked-about feature on the music streaming app, as it reveals so much about how we, and the rest of the world, listen to music. For example, which song did we overplay the most out of 365 days in a year? Whose music kept you company for the most part? And, most importantly, how many minutes did you spend listening to music through the app?


Well, as soon as December rolled around, the feature became available on the app. Eager users took to social media to show off their downright revealing listening behaviors while sending their favorite singers and musicians some mad, mad love. On Wonder’s end, we’ve enjoyed a lot of dance music this year, from Queen Bey’s RENAISSANCE to Carly Rae Jepsen’s The Loneliest Time. In case you haven’t gotten yours, check out the Spotify app now.



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But enough about us. Here’s what Spotify Wrapped looks like on your app and how the entirety of the Philippines listened:


Spotify Wrapped: The Mirror

The platform offers new and fun ways to present your data every year. Aside from the no-fail playlist of your Top 100 songs, they also round up the user’s most played artists, the genres listened to the most and sometimes a few fun quizzes. This year, they introduce an exciting way to look at how you enjoyed music in 2022. Spotify has 16 distinct Listening Personalities to fit all sorts of people using the app. Meanwhile, Audio Day also gives you a look into the music you listen to within 24 hours—what genres and moods do you play in the morning and at night?




Meanwhile, loyal fans and streamers can expect Your Artist Messages from over 40,000 artists, including Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, J Balvin and more. Eligible users will get a personalized video feed composed of a thank you message from the artist and the user’s most-played song. So if you’ve spent a lot of minutes crying to Midnights and you made it to the smallest percentage of TSwift’s loyal listeners, you can expect a video from her soon.


Of course, that’s not the last thing. Last December 1, 2022, Spotify Philippines held an intimate sneak preview of the Wrapped Playground. The affair will happen from December 10 to 11, 2022 at the SM Mall of Asia. Visitors can expect different games relating to the platform’s year-end review and appearances by P-pop icons BINI and BGYO! So this is your sign to mark your calendars!


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Spotify Wrapped: The Philippines Edition


Aside from feeling exposed and called out by your Spotify Wrapped, the music platform also shows us how the rest of the world listens. Puerto Rican singer and rapper Bad Bunny takes the spot as the Most Streamed artist on the globe. On our side of the world, however, Taylor Swift and BTS take over the top two spots with Zack Tabudlo, Ben&Ben and Justin Bieber completing the list.


But the most interesting thing about the country’s Spotify Wrapped stats is the fact that the Top Local Tracks and Top Tracks consist of the same set of songs. NOBITA’s Ikaw Lang, Arthur Nery’s Pagsamo and Ikaw Lang, Adie’s Paraluman and Zack Tabudlo’s Pano dominate both lists. Local music continues to thrive on the charts, proving that the next year is an exciting chapter for the OPM scene. TBH, we can’t wait.


Meanwhile, for podcasts, Filipino listeners love shows about Love and Relationships, especially with Barangay Love Stories by Barangay LS 97.1 taking the spot of Top Podcast. Of course, Pop Culture, Self-Help and Horror & Paranormal genres follow closely. Kryz Uy-Young and Slater Young’s skypodcast takes the second spot as they provide a perfect mix of love, relationships, adulting and self-help. What better way to shake the rest of the year off than with a helpful podcast to guide us through, right?


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Bottom line, 2022 proved to be another year of great audio experiences. From the best tunes to the most kilig-worthy podcasts, we can’t wait for another year of listening with Spotify. Until then, we have 364 more days to stream and tune in for the best Spotify Wrapped results.



Art Macky Arquilla

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