Staycation 101: Pamper Yourself!

Staycation 101: Pamper Yourself!

Here’s how to ace your staycation 101 course



No matter what phase of life you’re in—college, working, married, single—there just never seems to be enough time to sit back and relax. There are papers to write, theses to defend and reports to finish, let alone enough time for an actual vacation. But hey, we all need them once in a while right?


But while summer break and paid leaves are all well and good, they just aren’t enough sometimes. We all burn out, after all, and this doesn’t usually happen at the most opportune moments. Enter staycations: A halfway point between a vacation, work and home that gives us the breather necessary for a little recharge.




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Even if you like quaint spaces, relaxation requires some literal room to move around. Just because you decide to check out of your house and into another place doesn’t mean you won’t get sick of the same four walls.



What is the point of “getting away from it all” when you can’t do what you want and, perhaps more importantly, what you don’t normally get to do? If you want to swim in the morning, gym in the afternoon and get a massage in the evening before drifting off to sleep, you should be able to do so.


A view

Because there is nothing like looking out into the city’s lights that can calm a heart and remind you how to breathe. Alternatively, if you wake up early enough, there’s a serenity that passes you by if you watch the streets start to wake up.


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Unless you want to, you shouldn’t have to clean up after yourself—remember, you’re on vacation. Why do the dirty work when other people will do it for you? Besides, everyone likes coming “home” to a freshly made bed, with the chairs all aligned and the throw pillows perfectly fluffed. But it doesn't mean you should act like a pig either; mind your manners still.



This means different things to different people, but we all deserve it. If you want to be alone, then alright. If you want to cook your own meal, great. Or if you’d rather laze around and watch some Netflix, go right ahead. Then again, if you want to hit the mall, then you should be able to do that with ease. And should work really need to get done, then sit at a comfortable desk and do what you need to do without the stress of looking for a decent connection or the nearest internet café (yes, they are still a thing).


And while you’re doing all this, keep the AC at a temperature that you love all day.



To be more specific, good food. If we’re shooting for the stars, great food. Period, done; no explanation needed.



Let’s be honest! Sometimes the reason we don’t (or, to be more accurate, can’t) go on vacation is because we can’t afford it. But a staycation doesn’t require a plane ride, a boat ride or even an itinerary. The entire point of it is you stay in after all.




Don’t break the damn bank just to keep your head together. Don’t look too far away. You don’t always need clear seas and mountain air to feel settled and calm; sometimes all you need is some time to yourself.



Art Alexandra Lara

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